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30 June 2010


Nathan James

If Donnie McClurkin ever agrees to debate Rev. Kevin E. Taylor, I will televise it on my show. That is a standing invitation. It would be sit-up-in-your-seat, holy-sh*t television.


wow only one comment? the church queens and closet queens must be sleeping in this morning ...

AJ Terrel

I don't pay attention to the lives of gospel singers, but i had no idea he was "ex-gay". What makes me angry about people like that is that they almost always come out angry, hurtful, and spiteful toward gay people.

He obviously wasn't gay for long because he didn't meet real gay people. all he met were media stereotypes.

Besides, Masculinity & Femininity are just social constructs. not religious OR genetic.

I guess I'm just venting. but damn. this just made me that much sadder for black people.


I'm glad that Rev. Monroe is speaking out. Despite the state's liberal reputation, Boston's black community is conservative. And many of Boston's black gays are either closeted, trying to play nice with the black straights or totally doing the "swirl" route, so they could care less about what happens in the larger black community.


Donnie is such a over dramatic joke to me. It's amazing, at this point, that he even still has a following. I know the church kids defend almost anything church, but his over the top tantrums alone, should be enough to turn anyone off.

The Truth

I really do not like this man. I had heard his anti-gay rhetoric on many occasions, but that speech at the the COGIC convention was the last straw. What angers me the most is that people will turn away from Christ because of what people like this preach. This is not behavior Christ would condone, and I absolutely despise people who spew hate in the name of Jesus.

I just would really love for this man to go away. He spoiled a whole season of Sunday's Best for me. I think the man is fake, and he is no more pius than the rest of us.

That is all, for now...I get really upset thinking about people like McClurkin.


I wanna see that Nathan! McClurklown would never agree to that though, because RevKev would slay him! Love is stronger than pride,..if you're decent. He'd never allow himself to be taken to task on his hateful rants though.


Donnie McClurkin is not a joke and we should not treat him as such. He has a platform of millions of fans and many more people in the black church and evangelical church believe you can "pray away the gay" or it only because you were molested. We might think it's a joke but the church folk don't.


Great coverage! I knew none of this was going on.


@ Saadiq, I completely understand how the church is. I came up in it as you probably did as well. Donnie is dangerous to LGBT youth. Impressionable gay youth who listen to Donnie will always hate themselves. That's serious because it leads to things like suicide. This is why no one hear likes him....he's poisonous. Just wanted to make sure you see why people have little respect for him here.

Kevin Perez

There are many morons who say this queen isn't really homophobic because she has never said anything hateful to LGBT.

Apologists, apologists...


I've said it before and I'll say it again... "Donnie McTurncoat is a MESS!" I've loved his music in the past, but his Anti-gay rants are just TOO MUCH. He is simply NOT doing Gods work. He needs to be checked and Kevin Taylor is the BEST choice to do it. I hope he wins that Oprah show and takes so many people to task.


he is a closeted gay man who is ashamed of his sexuality. he is jealous of Tonex because he is both out and proud of his sexuality. he is the James Cleveland of our time


He's so f**king stupid! I don't know this dunce isn't permanently stuck in the back of the classroom.


***Oops! Forget to put the "why" after "know" and before "this"! LOL!


I had me Kevin Taylor a few years ago at a friends house briefly. I have one thing to say about Mr. Taylor he is truly a very gifted, out spoken and no hold bar sort of guy. Well that what i saw in him and i liked him since then.

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