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22 June 2010


Black Pegasus

This President has proven to be the Gay community's best ally and biggest Gun! Mr. President, I applaud your efforts, even if the white gays in my community don't. I'm not sure what they are expecting from you but, if I look at the empirical truths of what you have done versus your preprocessors ; I'm left with an outstanding group of successes by your administration!

I love the future!

Former COGIC

Big whoop. Most major companies allow this already and include your same sex partner.

It's not something but not A or B list. And it doesn't really help gay men or women who don't have children. Black gay men and women tend to have more children than white gay LGBTs, but we aren't out as much and tend not to apply for these benefits.

It's also just a "rule change" so President Romney or Pawlenty can wave it away.

Black Pegasus, I'm glad you're satisfied with crumbs. I'm not. Obama always does the least amount possible ...and only after activists and blogs keep complaining, so we wouldn't even have this if people werent complaining.

And it's really getting lame how so many black LGBTs keep trying to blame 'white gays' and making it racial. Blame the 'white gays' as much as you want, them (and Rod and Pam) are the reason we're even getting this. Black LGBTS aren't doing SHYT toward fighting for equality. Black gay men and lesbians suffer most under DADT...we were silent and blamed 'white gays'. Black gay and lesbians have more children...we have done nothing toward pushing to repeal DOMA or even pressing for something like this. Just sit back and complain about "white gays" and then applaud the president after the president does something the "white gays" forced him to do.

Black people and black gay men are accustomed to mediocrity. We're just flatted whenever the president or people in power say 'gay'. Its like high school and we're girls squealing when the popular jock nods.


"This President has proven to be the Gay community's best ally and biggest Gun!"

That's a joke right? I want to smoke what you're smoking!!!!


Greg G

@ Black Pegasus:

I'm curious, do you think it's a coincidence each gay pride the White House makes these announcements? Or do you think the White House is being pressured to make these changes?

As COGIC said, who do you think is pressuring the president to make these small steps? Or whenever it happens, is it just a coincidence? If you believe that, you really might want to read those articles Rod linked and dozens of posts here.

Greg G

And I agree, the kneejerk calls of racism and 'white gays this and that' is beyond tiring. The vast majority of these people voted Obama. They just want him to be the "fierce advocate" for gay rights he repeatedly promised to be.

I guess Maxine Waters and Alcee Hastings are racists too right? They've been calling the president out on AIDS funding, gay rights and unemployment.

Black Pegasus

WoW! I guess "a Hit Dog will Holla" huh? LMAO!

What's wrong guys? Did I speak the ugly truth up there? or was it my praise of this Administrations PROGRESS in the name of EQUALITY for all Human Beings?

Based on some of your ramblings; perhaps it's BOTH! I tell ya what; if you're so UNHAPPY with this President's work towards EQUALITY for us Gays (Regardless of Color); then VOTE him and his majorities OUT OF OFFICE! I'll check back with cha in a few year to see how the Republi-THUGS are working out for you...

SMDH @ some of you!

Former COGIC


No one said anything about wanting a Republican. The issue was we voted a DEMOCRAT who promised major changes. We haven't got that, we have a Democratic president who continually gives in to Republicans.

And my brotha, it's very tragic and bizarre you would even assume there are so nmany "Republicans" on a blog that is unabashedly pro black and pro Democrat. But thats usually what black folks or Obama stans say when you offer any criticism of the president, 'would a republican do better" or "vote better."

And Greg asked a very good question ... Do you think the President is randomly doing this out of the goodness of his heart, or was he pressured and if so by who?

Be well, my black man. But if you can't discuss it defend your opinions, and any critic because a racist or republican (on this blog lol) you really really need to stay in the Tyler Perry posts. SMDH

Black Pegasus

@ Former COGIC

My words speak for themselves! Yes, President Obama campaigned on those issues, and he is incrementally delivering on them! Do you think he can simply come in and wave a magic wand that will erase centuries of bigotry and
fear mongering about our community? LASTING CHANGE takes time and the proper balance in order to succeed.

Now, if you like many others believe in the MAGIC NEGRO scenario, then go ahead and say so. Under your poorly formed frame of thought, this President should be able to Cure Cancer, Cure Bigotry, Turn into Black-AquaMan and plug the oil leak, give us all $100k a yr jobs and tuck us in and night with a cup of coco.

**rolls eyes**

Stop bitting the Hand that feeds you!

Chitown Kev

@Black Pegasus

With the exception of the hate crimes bill, most of this stuff can be reversed with the next presidency.

And the fact is being a "fierce advocate" requires the spending of political capital. Of which President Obama has spent little or none (granted these crumbs could accumulate overtime but they're still crumbs).

Even Bill Clinton spent political capital (I give him credit for that).

And I think you meant predecessors and the only real predecessor as far as gay civil rights is Bill Clinton so that whole meme about "the best presidet evah" is some of the weakest tea that I've ever seen.

Chitown Kev

@Former COGIC

Oh, black GLBTs ain't ready to hear that.


I don't really comment on blogs, but I do have some things to say about this conversation. People constantly talk about how Obama is not doing enough on gay issues. I think he could be more aggressive, but I'm glad that he's at least taking steps (albeit small ones) toward equality. My issue, however, is with the individuals who argue that a Democratic President should have done more at this point. I'm surprised by this delusion. The last Democrat we had as President was Clinton, who signed both DADT and DOMA into law. I'll give you that DADT was supposed to be a compromise and the result isn't serving its original purpose. DOMA, however was affirmatively signed into law by Clinton. I understand that it passed with a veto-overriding majority, but he should've vetoed the bill out of principle. If you want to argue that he was running for election again, he could've had his Solicitor General attack it as violating the "full faith and credit" clause of the Constitution. He did neither, so I would appreciate it if we stopped looking at the past with rose-colored lenses, stopped arguing amongst ourselves, and actually take steps that would bring about the change that we want in this country. A President who says he is for us cannot do it alone. Representatives and Senators cannot do it alone. Organizations like NOM and bigoted individuals of all races are permeating this country with anti-gay rhetoric. It's time for us to do more than rant on a blog. We have to contact our advocates and let them know that they are not doing enough, or we need to become our own advocates. That's the only way we can change this country for the better.

There, I'm off my soap box now.

Derrick from Philly

Thank you, Kenny:

I wish I could be as mature and articulate as you and Black Pegesus when defending my President. But I get emotional-- loose control and start to cussin' like a Saturday Night Street Corner Hussy....and if I start to cryin'--I'm ready to kill.

No, he's not moving fast enough for many Gay Americans, but gay people "reading" each other over the President's performance is just that: gay people "reading" each other. Nobody wins nothin' except bad feelings.

Former COGIC

"Stop bitting the Hand that feeds you!"

As I said, black people are accustomed to mediocrity. Black gay men even less. We're happy to get table scraps.

Cosign ChiTown Kev and Greg. We all know the truth but too many of us play this silly "blame and deflect"/racism game. It really, really gets tired. And it's an insult to Obama.

Oh and the "magic wand" theme is a riot. Nope, not asking for a magic wand. Just asking for a president to do his job and what he campaigned on.

Da 'RealistOne

Very nice conversation.
Very, very nice.... It was interesting to see both sides of issues discussed.
Out of all the points discussed, Kenny I believe gave the most grounded - not because he was semi-defending the President, but because he mentioned something that Black GLBT Men and Women need to do instead of debating endlessly on blogs:
When you have countless Christian and Anti-Gay Organizations who are well organized, well connected, and deep pocketed such as the NOM and FRC who has deep political power, lobby, and manipulate the system constantly biting and stripping away the rights of all GLBT people NO MATTER WHAT COLOR, we should communicate, form and organize a formidable group of our own that is able to counter that and obtain the freedoms and protections we rightly deserve.
Personally, one thing that absolutely disgusts me about our Black GLBT community as a whole is that we place too damn much blame on white GLBT people for their supposed "racism" and lack of inclusiveness with the Black GLBT community when the reality is some Black GLBTs largely want nothing to do with them (from my point of view only).
Ironically, the White GLBT community has been on the forefront marching, campaigning, putting in countless man power and hours, lobbying, and digging deep in their own pockets to fight for the equality that one day Black GLBT people can and DOES benefit from.
Many of the Black GLBT leaders that we have today (although few in numbers) are at times caught between a rock and hard place because they know they need the White GLBT communities help in many aspects while trying to maintain "true" to the Black Race in order to keep our community abreast on important information regarding our community and the gay community as a whole - information most Black GLBT people wouldn’t seek otherwise on websites such as Queerty, The Advocate, etc…
"SOME" Black GLBT people really don't understand the strain they put on people who are only trying to help progress the progress and equality of GLBT people of all colors by their constant taunting and criticisms of the very people who are on the forefront fighting everyday for the community as a whole.
I am very thankful for people such as Rod, Pam Spaulding, and organizations such as the NBJC who continue to educate, inform , and empower us as GLBT people of color to never accept mediocrity when full equality is our main goal.
Sure, Obama can only do so much - and yes he can ACTUALLY DO MORE, however Black GLBT people need to stop accepting less and start DOING MORE!
Contact your Representatives
Vote only for those who are strongly in favor of GLBT equality and has the RECORD to support it
Participate/Donate in organizations that promote equality for GLBT People
Black GLBT people have got to stand up and demand they are in fact equal and demand what is rightfully theirs. To sit back and give passes to a current President simply because of his skin color (who coincidently gives scraps to the very individuals who voted for him in droves) is not only a disgrace but a slap in the face to those who work tirelessly for the equality some of "YOU" claim you want.
Black GLBT People - we've got to do better.

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