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15 June 2010



they'd better watch out then. it's going to be a difficult season indeed lol


Oh god, Obama. Why in the hell would you use that phrase again? He better brace himself for the flying bricks.


Fierce Advocate: (2008) n. A president who makes empty promises for political gain while having no intention whatsoever of doing anything at all to follow through on them.

Andy Niable



He said he would be a fierce advocate for gay rights and look were our asses are at. still discrimination at the work place, still not allowed in the military, still no civil unions. its just tiring hearing about him being a fierce advocate and yet nothing getting achieved.


Oh dear... Obama to be a fierce advocate for Gulf residence... just like he was to be a fierce advocate for LGBT rights...

W. Lotus

A fierce advocate, eh? Be afraid, Gulf residents. Be VERY afraid.


9x/10 you critics are not public servants, engaged politically, or work in policy. What do you say to people that want your help? It's just like working in bereavement therapy, you've got to say things to quell the emotions of the people.

I believe that Obama wants to help these people the best way he can. As the President, he does not always have that jurisdiction however. I am sure he is capable of delegating however he needs to to get the job done.

Now, you critics, please understand that it's not about your issue. It's about the nation. None of you know how to wait and things will change in due time. We are such a microwave generation as if there is nothing worth waiting for. Sickens me.

Chitown Kev


Obamabot fail and excuse #42,107,608.

Simply because legislation et. al. has not passed as of yet does not mean that Obama cannot be the fierce advocate for gay and lesbians that he said that he would be; indeed, his fierce advocacy will be needed in order for said legislation to pass.

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