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30 June 2010



Easily one of the most tragic stories I ever heard. I don't know that their will ever be justice for August Provost. Situations like this only remind us that this country still isn't ready.

I hope the family goes as far as they can to get to the bottom of this. Hope they don't take "no" for an answer from anyone!


For the family this is a sad day. And there will be no justice unless they see the day when any member of the Armed Services can feel free to report harassment and abuse without fear of DADT violation. This tradgedy might not have been prevented- but DADT made it possible to happen without intervention and that is a crime.

Face and Waist

this story just breaks my heart


Until DADT is repealed, gay men and lesbian women are NOT SAFE in the U. S. military.

Gay men and lesbian women should NOT serve in the U. S. military until DADT is repealed. Period.


This story is just so horrible to hear. I hope the family continues to fight for justice in this case. The navy is so f**king shady...I CAN NOT stand them!!

Kevin Perez

I still remember that this was was around the same time the scandel with Terrell Carter occured. Each discussion pertaining to him was probably 50+ comments long while August Provost had little to no discussion. I remeber being so ticked off. I also found myself asking why wasn't the Black media, who whines and complains about the lack of empathy for Black people/minorities, there to cover it? Heck, even the LGBT community could've of done it as well!


Even though I keep reading of stories like this they still don't fail to shock me. Provost's case is one of the most heartbreaking, and as so many others have commented is real proof as to why DADT must be repealed and repealed now.

Honut Sinti

Sad memory. A year has gone by so fast.



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