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20 June 2010



it's now down to Ghana


Sports photography is always so dramatic. They capture so much emotion.

Sad to see Cameroon didn't make it. Thought they or Cote D'Ivorie would make at least the quarters semis.

It's all on Ghana now.


Oh and Rod thanks for all the love and coverage of all things African, good and bad!


My first reaction is that crying seems extreme when it’s just over a game.

But then again, if you come from a country that has been kept down by the same corrupt dictator for more than 27 straight years, you might invest a lot of emotion and pride in your nation’s soccer team, too.

In the U.S., where the full extent of our corruption hasn’t quite sunk in yet, men don’t cry. They just get drunk and yell at the Super Bowl.


To Jim

If you ever watch football or basketball at the college level you will often see guys cry when they loose a big game. You may also see Pro athletes cry if they loose the super bowl also. Sports is the only time that a man can cry without questions.

I have to say that I would love to help make the team feel better....They were looking hot in those fitted uniforms. I needed to go meet my family to celebrate father's day and I could not leave the house. Between Cameroon and the Ivory Coast, I couldn't leave the TV today.

Cocoa Rican

It's so much more than a sport to these guys. It's really hard for our American population to understand the release, pride and opportunity that sports play in some of these countries.


I agree with Butchie... Football is a sport where EVERY country competes starting with the preliminaries and ending with the wrold cup. Coupled with th fact that many countries have players who play and STAR ( like ETO above)professionally in the big leagues like Serie A,Premier in England, the german league etc... the world cup represents a time that these players can shine for their home countries. So when they fail it is very painful...

Anyway the Africans ( ALL of them are looking hawt!) and they can cry on my shoulder or just moan while I attend to them LOL


Rod, can we have a discussion about how the Boondocks murdered Tyler Perry on the latest episode? Lol.


@Osiris YES! We HAVE to! lol


On a completely superficial note, how hot looking the Ghana team is with all those beautiful dark skin brothas wearing the all white uniorms? Oh my........

Jim J

Didn't I read in this blog last week that Ghana is the latest African nation to criminalize (attempt to?) homosexuality?


Eto'o is a beautiful man.

And that 9th picture of #15 making that expression while the guy on the left reaches down with his left hand made me smile just a bit....

Rod Mc

@ FF:

Isn't that photo great? I'm going to talk about that tomorrow. -RM

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