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04 June 2010


Mystic Stranger

Love love love that Janet. :-)

AJ Terrel



I can't wait to see this play turned into a movie Dr. Shange was a professor of mine @ PVAMU.

She co-directed the play being performed there, and it was amazing!! Ms. Perry better come correct with this movie adapt.


From the pics, I'd think she is playing the lady in red, an extremely moving character of the play/movie.

Brooklyn Boi

MEH. The movie will be another piece of horrible Tyler Perry drivel. But all the queens will love it because of Janet. No ma'am count me out!

Xavier Dereon

smh @ Brooklyn


@ Brooklyn Boi

Tyler did NOT write the play and it will be based on Shange's work. Perhaps we should actually wait for the film to come out before bashing it. I think his movies have been decent.... particularly the wons that do NOT feature Madea. I loved the Madea plays, but sometimes she doesn't translate the same on screen, but still funny. The Why did I Get Married films, were Great!

I do hope the title is NOT "Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf." It should be Tyler Perry presents: Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls....... and so on. I will definitely be disappointed if thats the title. I'll still see the film though.

Andy Niable

Won't criticize until I see the product, but... Perry? Directing Shange? What next--Martin Lawrence directing "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings"? Buddy Hackett's version of Allen Ginsberg's HOWL? Spielberg taking on Color Pur-- oh, wait.

Demetrius Bagley

LMAO @ Andy's deft realization


Ah, La Jackson rises to the top like cream.-QH

Shade Tea

Thandie Newton in this?! YAAAAY!!!!

I can't wait..I want to see WHAT ms. tyler gurl does with this...

will it be serious brilliance or will be a hot piece of mess--TYPICAL of what she puts out?

only time will tell...


Andy Niable, you are a HOOT!!

And right on point, too.


So Thandie is replacing Mariah? Well, I am glad another suitable actress has joined the cast. I hope that Janet can pick up pointers from those around her to improve her craft.

Love the fact that Tyler puts black actors to work, bad movie or not... We don't see them enough. I also applaud Tyler for taking on something not of his own creation.


I'll reserve my judgment until the movie comes out. Not really impressed tho, the casting seemed more like a black gay man's interpretation of Ntozake Shange, which I guess what it was and why people on here are getting so excited.

@ Andy Niable: That comparison work if you're comparing the Spielberg to Tyler Perry. I think comparing the director of Jaws, ET and Raiders of the Lost Ark to the director of Madea Goes to Jail is a bit much no?

FWIW, the Why Did I Get Married movies are a tad batter than Madea (which was hilarious on stage and doesnt translate well on screen) and thankfully much of this movie will be Shange's dialogue. But I think its a quantum leap to compare Tyler Perry to Spielberg.


Though leery as many, I am seriously HOPEFUL and HOPE-FILLED that this adaptation not only comes off strong and brilliantly (PLEASE, LORD...PLEASE!), I am hoping that Perry steps into a new level (like he began with his masterful showings with "THE FAMILY THAT PREYS" and the 1st "WHY DID I GET MARRIED?").

I love me some "FOR COLORED GIRLS!" I have seen this since I was a child and they played it on PBS!!!! "I HAVE LOVED YOU...ASSIDUOUSLY..." My God! I have even been working with a brother friend on a BGM adaptation of this "choreoplay" and got the honor of presenting Ms. Shange and a new playwright (Mo Beasley) on my BETJ show "PARALLEL PATHS."



Jan looks great with the short do! I luv her bodyguard! Now back to the movie....like someone said I glad to see Black actors working because Hollywood ain't writing us in. So to bash it before it even comes out is so negative to me. I personally enjoyed all of Tyler's films and plays.

caroline dominguez

i was offered to be in that movie with janet

jeans for men

I like both michael jackson and
Janet Jackson. The whole family is
have artistic approach. Thanks for sharing her pics.

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