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14 June 2010


Kevin Perez

It angers me so much to read stuff like this. I wonder where's the outrage from Black and Latinos that get worked up over Nancy Grace worrying about White girls and not POC, who pretty much ignore anything that happens to LGBT of color as well. Talk about selective outrage (and morality).

NYC isn't a liberal as many claim to be it is. No place really, cept for Canada maybe and outside the USA, but that's about it..


I originally ran across Rod 2.0 when I dropped an anchor man's name into Google in 2006. I still get distracted by his eyebrows.

If you'd like to see a POC get the Campbell Brown time slot opposite Nancy, let them know.

I know I'm not the only one that reads Rod's blog.


If you didn’t know any better, you might think that it would be Christian churches that would be offering space to these homeless youth. But half the churches that call themselves “Christian” are responsible for these kids’ homelessness in the first place.

It is the pastors who inspire these kids’ parents to abandon their own children and throw them out of the house.

You might think that there is no love built into human beings that is stronger than the love of one’s own children. But for many people, especially those who seek salvation in an authoritarian church, even stronger than the love of children is the desire to maintain one’s own reputation. That is why we read about families in Pakistan murdering their own daughters for the “shame” they have brought on their families for the “crime” of having been raped. That is why we heard about Hutu husbands hacking their own Tutsi wives to death with machetes during the Rwandan genocide of 1994.

So it is with American parents, so insecure and weak-willed in their own selves, that they would eject their own flesh and blood into the street rather than overhear the snide remarks of their equally insecure neighbors and fellow parishioners. (The pastor’s promise of Heaven for expelling Satan from their homes just confirms their sense of righteousness.)

Well, many of the perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide have now been brought to some kind of justice. Someday, we may be fortunate enough to read of fundamentalist mullahs being exiled in shame for having encouraged the murder of teenaged daughters.

So when will the day come that we read about a punishment for the American pastors equal to their crime of having spread their Satanic version of Christianity across our nation and over its airwaves?

Kevin Perez

I never thought of it that way, Jim. It still sickens me that with all the complainments about the lack of care for youth of ethnic backgrounds by mainstream media, LGBT of color count for a huge amount of displaced homeless youth, and yet they are ignored by their respective communities. Pretty hypocritical.

As for the churches, there will never a open discussion to how much religion plays a role in all this. We'll forever be hearing people downplay this type of attitude in Christians by yapping about how their "good and bad people everywhere" or some cheesy morale. Not to mention so-called Progressive Christians calling LGBT "bigots" for daring to criticze an institution because one refuses to appease the obnoxious Pollyana view of the greatness of Christianity and religion.

I doubt the last things youth like these need is "Jesus loves you the way you are" crap after being told they're an abomination for a long time. There's something very patronizing about that.


I was homeless in chicago for a while and there is absolutely NO help for gay homeless in Chicago over the age of 18. It was horrible. I ended up in a fundamentalist christian shelter and had to attend 4 church sessions per day that told me i was going to hell. No help for getting a job or getting out of there, just telling me my soul was in peril.

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