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22 June 2010


Eric Robinson

Well Said President Josiah Bartlett, er.. i mean Barrack Obama!!!

J. Gregory Griffin

Thanks Barack!


I just cried... I love this Guy. As does 99% of the UK.


All credit to Obama for putting on the reception and making the speech but personally I'm tiring a bit of all the "I will do this and that". I want to know the whens.

Chris H.

Agreed Michelle! I STILL like him, but if he really wanted to put a dent in DADT, he would halt all investigations and discharges of suspected gay soldiers. And a part of me still feels angry about the Justice Dept and their handling of that DOMA situation. Come on Barack, it's time to have a gayme plan!


"...that change never comes—or at least never begins—in Washington.." So true! And it doesn't/hasn't ended because Obama is in the White House. I am very glad he's doing these receptions, and has changed as much as he can behind the scenes. But more needs to be done, and I think we 'outside the Beltway' need to keep pushing our legislators and The Prez to keep on keepin on!

Monica Roberts

The President can't sign any legislation that Congress doesn't pass.

Executive orders are limited tools in dealing with DADT issues, because they can simply be overturned by the next GOP president.

So if you want the change, gotta lean on your congress critters and senators. If they won't act right, then either run for office yourself or support their opponent in the primary.

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