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21 June 2010



That's such a strong visual , seeing the HIV poz vests. I wish them the best of luck, they need it down there.

apres moi

i'm surprised they didn't ask the bill and melinda gates foundation for money for HIV/AIDS funding.


We have people all over Africa who are being denied HIV medications. We have an impending famine in Niger where millions are at risk. Last year, literally millions of people died of starvation worldwide because speculators on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange drove wheat prices up to unaffordable levels, for no reason except to make a quick buck.

Meanwhile, the conservatives in the U.S. are screaming for budget cutbacks at all levels of government. And many people I know—people who pretend to love Jesus—say things like, “We shouldn’t even be sending money overseas! We have poor people right here in the U.S.!”

This November, it is a sure thing that these same people will vote for politicians determined to make poverty in our nation even worse. (They flatter themselves by calling their policies “tough love,” but the actual term is “theft.”)

So what I am saying is that the Africans need to look elsewhere: For money, for compassion, for models of clean politics, for democracy, for morality.

These things are not to be found here.

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Happiness is like a pebble dropped into a pool to set in motion an ever-widening circle of ripples. As Stevenson has said,being happy is a duty.

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