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25 June 2010


Anthony in Nashville

I'm glad people are taking action against The View.

Although the idea of the DL boogeyman has been repeatedly debunked, I think people prefer to believe that lie rather that take an honest look at what is going on in the black community. Scapegoating is easier than taking responsibility for your choices.

On a side note, I thought The View was a show aimed at women, why was DL hosting?


Its a shame that people would rather demonize black gay men than empower heterosexual black women. The sad thing about this is that these lies and distortions are only going to continue to put heterosexual black women at the top of the infection rate.

How that isn't a issue to the black community is baffling to me.


And where are the so called black gay leaders when we need? And where are the other black gay bloggers?

This is bad and we needs all hands on deck!


The DL in our community is a reality...

Chitown Kev


You're right.

I considered posting a diary over at Pam's place but I haven't had time to do all the back-up research for links and details.

Then this morning I read another story about another trifiling heifer and posted that.

I will try to get a post up over at Pam's before the end of the day but that may not be possible.


Wow. Don't get Rod mad. He don't get mad often but when he does ...

AJ Terrel

yes the DL is real, the DL is real in a lot of communities. only a DAMN fool would say that it's just black men. i've met DL white men too, hell more often than the DL black ones.

the issue isn't the DL. the issue is that DL black men are being blamed for Heterosexual women getting aids/hiv.

they make it sound like malicious intent. shit, if a man wants to sleep around it shouldn't matter if it's all women, all men, or a combination of both. he should be held accountable and those partners should make sure he uses a CONDOM!

that's the point. no one cares about the DL. I feel bad for those who feel they can't come out, or think they'll be looked at differently if people knew. the black community has negative stereotypes of the DL. DL men are basically being seem as distrustful and evil and they make it sound like all gay men have aids/hiv so the DL man goes and lies with it knowingly and then gives it to a woman.

THE REAL problem is not DL men, it's hiv/aids and how the black community wants to play gay.bi.dl men for the unprotected sex that INDIVIDUALS CHOOSE to have.

I don't care if a dude is on the DL as long as if i ask you if you got a gf, you don't lie. and if you use protection when you are with me. that's all i have control over. but a REAL MAN is going to handle his business. you don't have to be out and proud or even shouting it from the rooftops to be SMART and SAFE!


Great idea, Rod.

Also, we could ask Sherri Sheperd to go back to primary school and learn some geography.

Chitown Kev


The DL is a reality in EVERY community.

And no one is saying the DL is not A factor; only that it's not the sole factor.

Why aren't black women taking responsibility in having their trick (whether he's DL or straight) put a damn raincoat on.

The d*ck ain't that damn serious.


@ Chitown:

Sorry I definitely didnt mean you or Pam! I like what you're doing over there! I was referring to NBJC and the many black gay gossip blogs like Black Gay Gossip etc. But there stock in trade is to sensationalize black gay men for black women, so they could care less. Especially when you have gay black gossip queens like Tom Joyner's Jawn Murray and that tired Gyant,who think no one knows their tea and cosign everything Shepherd.

I know you read this blog Miss Jawn "Lacefront" Murray! It's all over your Rumper Room BV blog! You really are a piece of work, girlfriends.

Black Pegasus

I'm on it!!

And how dare Sherri 'dumb azz' Shepherd's friends contact this blog to complain about the coverage of Shepherd's propagation of ignorance!

She is being "called out"! And she should be "singled out" for her dangerous assertions!

Chitown Kev


Well, it's Pam's blog, I just write diaries there occasionally.


I don't hate Sherri and will continue to watch the show. I would just like for her to take some time to actually look listen to what people are saying. I know its hard to listen to someone who is calling you a "Dumba**", but she needs to know that what she said was incorrect (at least partially). Are their women who get the HIV/AIDS virus from DL men? YES! Is it something that happens in the Black Community often? YES! However, that is NOT the totality of the situation... AT ALL! DL goes far beyond the Black Community and it is a GLOBAL situation. DL men have been around FOREVER! Its not new! Its race not specific! Its not even gender specific..... yes there are women on DL too... don't act surprised! Then you have to discuss drug use, teen sex, lack of contraception and so many other things. You can't blame it on one thing! Pointing fingers has NEVER gotten us anywhere. If were gonna attack something.... its got to be from ALL sides! Sherri literally just pushed hundreds of men deeper into the closet. Some of who were nearly ready to open that door. GLAAD should be able to reach her. They are not insulting her, they are trying to educate her. Its time to teach people and not insult them when they say the wrong thing. I myself have done this too and will try to do better.

The Truth


Agreed. I can't stand that Jawn Murray either. I can't stand the queens living in glass closets.


This is a bunch of bull. DL Hughley LOL isnt the first two initials of his name DL? And he's hating? Why he's on TV giving ANY kind of opinion beats me. HIV didn't start with gays and won't end with them. Some straight married women also give men HIV. Everyone is affected by HIV in some way, shape or form, whether they are living with it or know someone who does.

Im a national bestselling author, Dapharoah69 the King of Erotica and Im openly bisexual and I write about this kind of stuff in my books. HIV shouldn't be placed on any group of people. If a person chooses neglect in their lives they should take responsibility. This is why I don't watch TV.

Spread LOVE, not misinformation.


Kevin Perez

Give the fool what she deserves.


Sherri is so shameful and I'm glad people are calling her ignorant a** out!


@to Aj Terrell's post....STANDING IN MY LIVING ROOM AND APPLAUDING! ...Now, that's what I'm talking about! Thank you, Thank you! I 150% agree with your assessment of the situation...PREACH! If only Sherri, DL and those like them would read what you posted greater perspective would be theirs....

alicia banks

i despise the gaybashing buffoon dl hughley and i think his name befits him as he is a toxic closet case




Mark N.

I thank God for you Rod. I am an avid viewer of The View, mainly for Whoopie. I was livid when this discussion took place, and immediately sent emails out to ABC. We have to keep that pressure on them, so that they will know they can't just say anything they want because they believe it's fact. Yes, it is THE VIEW, but their views need to be based on fact, and on this day their view was not! My prayer is that Whoopie returns and gets them right together.


Lets not forget that Sherri claimed that women are not getting it from other women. WRONG! Lesbians can contact an STD including HIV/AIDS while having sex. Why not go after the women who have sex with their bf's without protection. It's not all the mans fault. Lets look at Lil Wayne he was promoting Strapped Condom brand, but yet he got 2 women pregnant at the same time. But nobody wants to talk about that.


Please brothers go on your twitter and facebook pages and tell the people whats going on, this blatant act of disrespect and lies can no longer be spread through the media.

Mike Davis

Sorry to disagree but I have a female friend that caught HIV from her "Down Low" boyfriend. Some women are clueless that their man is sneaking around or worse just turn a blind eye. This subject does need to be discussed and we in the black community need to wake up. I have always practiced safe sex with both men and women. Many of the sisters I have hooked up with still don't even bring up the subject of safe sex. I just was raised with the right info from my parents and always have protection on hand. Why do people find condoms a turnoff?
Mike, okay your one female friend did contract HIV from a DL guy. But the Centers for Disease Control says MILLIONS MORE black women become HIV positiive from HETEROSEXUAL men who are "sneaking around" with women or using drugs.You do realize there are more heterosexual men than gay/bi? This subject does need to be discussed, but ignoring scientists and using one story to try ton "prove" a myth, doesn't help. -RM

Former COGIC

@ Mike David:

Who are you 'disagreeing' with? The scientists and doctors? Are you going to do a Sherri Shepard and say the world is flat, too? Or that you don't believe in evolution?

No one said 'some' black women don't catch HIV from bi men. But 'most' do not, most catch HIV from straight men. Not insisting. If there were 'that' many black men where were gay/bi/DI having sex with women, and 'that' many were HIV, the HIV rates would be even that much higher.

But instead of calling black women too task for not insisting on protection (=so many babies w/o husbands, teen pregnancy etc), its easier to cast black women as "innocent victims" or tourists in the entire HIV epidemic. So the black community invents a strawman (downlow men) as their bloogeyman. Rinse, repeat, we still never discuss safe sex, empowerment or self esteem.

Kevin Perez

Why are heterosexual Black women and children the most innocent worthy of getting the disease? Does that mean me, other Puerto Ricans/Latinos and Black men are LGBT deserve it more? Funny, I recall folks of color babeling from time to time about the disease being just exclusive to gay menn. The Black "community" furthered the myth by making it exclusive to gay and WHITE men. 20 years later, they AID raves among Black people and Latinos are sky rocketing. They said that HIV/AIDs was God's punishment for our sins.

Maybe it could be considered HIV/AIDs now becoming a "punishment" for straight Blacks and Latinos and for their bigotry, hatred and hypocracy towards LGBT of color? Politically incorrect? Well, so is what the Black Church, the Fruit of Islam, Rastas and the Black Nationalists say about LGBT and conspiracy theories.

Now that the disease if affecting Heterosexuals, the "communities" is now doing something....Just saying is all...

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