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18 June 2010



Do you mean to rip off Towleroad word for word or do you just do it subliminally?

Former COGIC

@ Eric:

You must be white. Yeah, Rod rips off all the stories on hate crimes against black LGBTs and African gays from Towleroad. SMH

The better question is, why do TR and so many white gay blogs "rip off" stories word from word from this blog. Silly rabbit.


The pride announcement was a snoozefest on the gay blogs, but I'm not surprised that country music radio crowd is hyperventilating over Obama's announcement. They hate gays almost as much as they hate blacks. Or maybe they hate both equally.

I think a better question might be, what do rednecks and inbreds have to be so proud of?

Eric: I read both blogs and that's bizarre. Sometimes the bigger gay blogs lead with the same stories but "word for word"? Really? I'm looking at TR's copy and not only is that not true, it's even more tragic that you think someone who has written cover stories for the Advocate and produced at ABC News needs to "rip off" a blog. And as Former COGIC, said your white privilege is really really showing.

And fwiw, a lot of people wonder why does Andy "rip off" the AP, news stories and many other blogs "word for word" w/o attribution. Just sayin.

Derrick from Philly

@ Eric:

I'll repeat to you what I said to some others in my final posting on Towleroad back in early May:

F-ck you and your toothless mama.

Account Deleted

These of jackasses seem to attract a significant audience as well. Scary, when you think about it.

You're right about adultry and fornication. Religious folks do make some of the most hypocritical people. It's more proof people are indeed selective about what they follow in the Good Book.


This is reason # 345671 why I refuse to set foot in Alabama or spend my gay dollars there.

Dallas Cowboy

Erick...Let me cosign Derrick and Dalton. Bless your deluded Castro-Weho-Chelsea centric heart.

I have no idea if TR also had this story 'cuz I stopped going there a few week when the racist Obama hate and racist African hate kicked into overdrive. Sorry sweety...Andy does a good job but TR is not known for 'writing.' It is known for 'ripping off word for word' the news wires and other blogs (and this one). And his facts are sometimes wrong.

There are some criticisms I have of Rod (Clinton during primaries, sometimes 2 much NYC 'tude) but his writing is off the chain. And he's worked at the networks, had opeds at MSNBC and Blade and been all over the Advocate. With that background, its beyond arrogant you would come here and make that claim.

Sorry to vent folks, but i've had enough of these Beckys and Brads the past few months.

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