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12 June 2010



I love Anita but she really messed that one up.


I was expecting the worst, but except for 2 or 3 bad notes, it was not a disaster.


This is NOT her best! I've seen her live twice and met her once and I know she can tear it up real good!


i love me some anita but honey miss anita wasn't in the rapture!

she wasn't giving it the best that she's got!



Byron Monte



Everybody has a bad day... I still love her.


the anthem has a tune, follow it


It was actually a good "a cappella" rendition...a bit jazzy, but nothing too much amiss. I don't know what people are expecting...Jessye Norman, Leotyne Price, a goddess who breathes fire and ice and blasts off the roof with her high notes? I mean, come on, it was a fair performance to kick off the game. Love you, Anita. Been so long.


my question is, to the person who stole this video from a friend of mine on youtube...why won't you respond to her?
I think it is what it is. I'm just looking forward to Anita's new CD that is soon to be released. She'll be in top form for that. Besides you work in the studio all those hours, stop and fly to Boston then sing.

Baltimore Femme

i seriously love me some anita baker. she got me through many a lonely night in the 80s and early 90s. i think we will hear great things from her ion the future but we all can agree it wasn't a good night for ms. baker.

and it really does ms. baker no favors to pretend she sounded great, blame this on others or say it was "okay" for an a cappella version. the national anthem is often sung a capepella and the music wouldn't make it sound any better. and it's an insult to say a singer of miss baker's stature needs music or auto-tuning.


IF she had been on American idol, she would have been one of those hilarious outtakes! How sad.


BTW, I have always LOVED Anita but really....Some people just should not sing the national anthem! It is very difficult to sing. Why set yourself up for embarrassment.


She has performed this song in the past. She is a HUGE B-Ball fan and performed the anthem a few years back when the Pistons were in the finals. She can definitely sing the song yall. This just wasn't the best time.


I'm not sure what the hoopla is about. She did an average jazzy rendition of the song. Not Whitney at the Superbowl, but not Rosanne either.


I agree, Kenneth.


She's a recording artist. She makes a living off her voice. Maybe she didn't warm up properly. Unlike alot of these new "artists" at least she can actually sing.


At least she doesn't weigh 400 pounds. So many female singers blimp out after they hit the big time, but she still looks good.


I thought it was solid. Sure it was the "regular" rendition, but please, black folks ALWAYS go a different route (from Destiny's Child to Natalie Cole to, of course, Marvin Gaye!). I was okay and surely not the worst or even on the worst list.

Chitown Kev

OK, she was off on a couple of the notes but other than that, a pretty solid performance


"I was expecting the worst, but except for 2 or 3 bad notes, it was not a disaster."

2 or 3 bad notes? She went off key more than once

Honut Sinti

It was not as awful as all that. A little flat and warbly here and there but overall good, in my opinion.


omg that was terrible. She must not have any money left cause she looked so common.


WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? So she was off on that performance. So what? Many great singers have bad nights. It wasn't like her voice was repulsive or irritating like someone scratching the chalk board. I'm still going to buy her music. The world hasn't ended yet. Move on.


It wasn't as BAD as people had been telling me! OMG... give me a break, it wasn't nearly as bad as I was lead to believe...certainly we've heard a lot worse. It sounds like "Anita Baker"! Maybe not her best...but still, people, really?? Vicious, much??

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