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10 June 2010



I hope Barbara Boxer trounces this fool. First off, She's just another richb!tch trying to buy an election, you and Meg Whitman should crawl under a rock and die.

It's jealousy, I wanna see her talk about some issues. She wishes he had Boxer's hair, the only reason Fiorina's rockin that short do is because its all she can after surviving cancer and having none, and hun, you still look like a bald rat.

Barbara Boxer has more political talent in her pinky than this clown. Despite having run some big business, as a politician she's a less attractive uninspiring Sarah Palin knockoff.


Fiorina is an idiot, I can't believe that someone who got a golden parachute when she was asked to leave her job (25-35 million) decided she was bored so she need to go buy a senate seat. Why does she feel the need to talk about Boxer in such a catty way? We are in tough times right now, especially here in CA we don't need a bunch of first timers trying to figure out how to run things, people said Obama didn't have experience but he was inolved in local and national gov before he ran for his office, these two have not even been state senators yet one thinks she can be a governor and the other a senator. Meg Whitless and Fiorina just need to go away.


@ Jinca

I hear you loud and clear. Unfortunately, things might get worse because the idiots here have passed the open primary system. All types of screwy things could be happening from now on. As I've said before, California is not as liberal as people like to think.


And these people are running for Office!!!we are in trouble!!


I'm sorry but this b*tch need not talk about anyone's hair with that mess on top of her head. At least she seems smart enough to know what a hack Sean Hannity is though.

Topanga Canyon

"One day after buying the California Republican Senate nomination, a very catty Carly Fiorina was ..."

Oh Rod your liberal hypocrisy is showing! Fiorina didnt BUY the nomination she WON it fair and square. Boxer and Feinstein are also quite wealthy, do you use the same phrases with them? No!!

And calling Carly "catty" is sexist!! It was an honest mistake!! Who knows what Boxers says when the mic is not on!!

What would the gay blog mafia do without Republicans? You'd run out material!


Stopped reading after liberal hypocrisy... assclown.

Jimmy Barrett

Of course you did!! Never let the facts get in the way of a good rant!


really? this is high school. Tell me instead what Boxer has done after decades in Congress to deserve another term or what skills Fiorina has that qulaify her to represent for CA. I couldn't care less about the rest of this.


she is loathsome.


Any politician who runs an entire tv ad whose sole purpose is to proclaim that they're endorsed by Sarah Palin is definitely not one that I want representing my state.

Unfortunately, I think Fiorina's candid moments will play to her benefit. I wonder if this wasn't intentional? She said just enough to make the story interesting to the media, but her comments weren't petty or stinging enough to require a denial or apology. Well played.

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