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08 June 2010



Yes sir! Get real on 'em!!


He should kick the ass of anyone in his administration who thinks there should be any more offshore oil leases. He should also kick the asses of advisers who have given inadequate attention to public transportation.

alicia banks

he should kick his own ass as he and his bp posse are equally slick and slimed!!!




Notice how now that they've screwed up the American media refers to BP as British Petroleum?

Chitown Kev

I have to agree somewhat with alicia that he needs to kick his own ass for not saying this (and acting accordingly) 45 days ago.

Had he said this then...I would be OK with it.

And why hasn't the president talked to Hayward as of yet, for example.

Granted, most of this is on Hayward's head but Obama should have been more forceful about this and kicking ass awhile ago.

Black Pegasus

Does it really matter what this President says or does anymore? People seem to criticize him for what he eats for breakfast so who really gives a damn. I mean, what more do we want Obama to do? Should he turn into Aqua-Man and dive 5000ft to the bottom of the gulf of mexico to plug the leak himself?

I guess some people truly believe in the Magic Negro scenario...

**rolls eyes**


"Magic Negro"? You mean the ones on white people's lawn won't come to life and chase after you if you rub its head? LoL. All kidding aside, Mr. President, next you want to offer one of those fatcat policians a job at the white house to keep them off the ballots instead hire me as your corporate "ass kicker". Hook an out-of-work brotha up with a job already!

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