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17 June 2010



You damn right she deserves a medal! Now if someone could do the same about the lack of education in urban schools.


I applaud her! We can be fierce and fearless when we find something we can believe in and fight for!


Servin' some real political theater, love it!

T Evans

You just gotta love activist... You gon' Girl!!!

Kevin Perez

Why, why can't we see this from LGBT...No why can't we see this from LGBT of color. Why do many insist on playing Gahndi or playing nice with people who hate us.

A radical! That's exactly what we need RADICALS!


Why show such great concern for the tragedy in the Gulf? Only when your house is on fire you feel the heat. What about the rest of the world? The drilling of oil by you guys are responsible for the environment problems worldwide and besides consumers are responsible for the spill and not BP??????????????? BP drilling platforms increased because of the consumer`s avariciousness to consumer indiscriminately. The entire civilization is responsible for the spill as every human being is guilty of consuming energy and every animate and inanimate object on this planet is produced from energy. This is no guarantee for anything in the life not even your life what to speak of BP and its security regulations. Was there any gurantee for 911 disaster - Kuwait flames that lasted 6 months, millions of wars in Serbia,Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Global warming, Acid Rain, Deforestation, Unfutile soil etc. The list is endless. You guys should know that money and natural resources cannot save this planet. Man have destroyed the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and space) and their is
a owner of these elements. When these elements are exploited the Supreme Lord intervenes and His subtle laws are working every second. For every action there is a reaction. The world is witnessing the reactions of sinfulness sanction by God personally. The law of Karma is exact and is working incessantly. Become God conscious and you can still save the world.


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