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16 June 2010



I like that even ardent supporters are slamming him. How much louder do the cries for action need to be for him to grab things by the balls?!

It's been said, by Bill Maher first I think,..there needs to be a little more George Bush in Obama. Bush drove this country into the ground with a lead foot, filibuster threats or not. People want Obama to get things in motion, but everything feels like he's walking on eggshells!

I understand they are afraid of losing seats in elections by appearing too partisan, but trust me, no one complains about partisanship when they are employed, in good health, and making money. Not to mention the republicans aren't really interested in bipartisan solutions anyway. Just do it your way!

Former COGIC

@ Procrastination:

That's when you know there is a problem, when the former cheerleaders become upset. Olberman and MSNBC were like Obama fanzone.

I like Obama, voted for him and donated cash. But he has pissed everyone off trying to be too cute by half with Republicans. This drilling disaster is a perfect illustration. Instead of sticking to his promise and years of opposing drilling, he wanted to "reach out" to the GOP and piss off his base again. Then disaster strikes. If he hadn't flipped, he could have said "See! I always said drilling was unsafe." Now he's forced to look like powerless while BP pollutes the Gulf.

And what's with all that part in the speech about prayer? smh

alicia banks



there is hope for obama tv, antoine, and blaine yet!!!

hobama's worthless speech kicked his own ass!!!


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