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23 June 2010



yeesh. that's not a good look for either of them. and even though hasselbeck can be a pain in the arse, she does ask a question that needs answering.

Black Pegasus

I was done with Sherri 'dumb azz' Shepherd after the "Earth is Flat" nonsense several years ago.

But this is quite dangerous and destructive on her part! People all across the spectrum are starting to run with this erroneous concept. Where are the BLACK GAY groups? And why aren't we demanding an apology from the ABC network, and Sherri 'dumb azz' Shepherd?


So glad you reported on this Rod. I took her to task on my blog, Black Gay Chat, Facebook, Twitter, and every other medium I could find!

This should be on every black blog but all I hear is silence. The blame game continues. And black women continue to suffer.

S. Flemming

Given the amount of black kids born out of wedlock, clearly most black people are not using condoms. PERIOD. So people really need to stop this nonsense of blaming this entirely on gay men. Pure silliness. But they are both dumbasses, so this is not surprising.

Lang B

The amount of times I have had "straight" white married business men and white guys with girlfriends give me that certain come hither eye- YET Sherri states the DL is big with Blacks. Come on! Is the DL a black thing? DANGEROUS statements. I am sure "straight" white men sleep with other men, their dog, courier guy, secretary and have office orgies on the DL too and bring home infections. I am FUMING. As per DL Hughley annoying (well the mane speak for itself).

Chris H.

OK, is my gaydar broken or is Miss "DL" Hughley seeming just a tad gay? I've noticed it for years, but this particular appearance on this particular show is making it more and more apparent. I can't put my finger on it. It's like when you see Tyler Perry and you automatically think "GAY!". I just don't get DL's appeal. At least Tyler Perry is the most successful drag performer ever.


What about all these white Republican Politicians who are on the DL? Some that have been discussed on that very show. Yes there is a lot of DL men in the Black Community, but you can be assured that there are just as many in every other culture AROUND THE WORLD! There are Muslim DL, Asian and so on! I like Sherri, but she missed the mark on this one.

HIV is spread in many different ways and we should be discussing them ALL... not just one in particular.

Toddy English

I would like to know where are these black gay men that are fans of her's? I'm sure not! Her stupidity is insufferable!
The View had a choice between her and Jackie Reid for co-host...and they went with Sherri?
I'm sorry but Reid is more suited for The View. Sherri should be a background character on Let's Talk about Pep.

Derrick from Philly

Thank you, ISIS.

Sometimes when I listen to black folks like DL Ugly and Mizzy Sherri try to explain things, and I just figure too much leisure time and too few cotton fields to tend to.


Sherri (and DL's, but I don't expect that more from him...just a little bit less than I expect from Sherri) is so obsessed on this subject (THE LORD NEEDS TO DELIVER ALL OF MY AVAILABLE MEN FROM HOMOSEXUALITY SO I CAN HAVE A NEW MAN) is embarassing! She doesn't even bother to try to expand on the topic. She rants about all of these men on the DL, not men who've been to prison and aren't dealing with their time there, but this "group" of guyS WHO ALL got married but ALL love to be with me and ALL are unprotected and ALL are HIV+ and bringing it back home to their wives! It's backwards. It's simple and ignorant. It's dangerous as Black Pegasus said above.

We've got to stop being such "punks" on this subject and grind it out and get our people to stop trying to throw gay men under the bus by suggesting that we got married to hide and are still unfaithful and dipping, because that's what the slight is, even to the "DL" man (HE'S JUST A GAY MAN IN DISGUISE)! It's a topic that we haven't even begun to deal into beyond the sensationalism of it.

It's destructive and divisive and STILL ACCOMPLISHES NOTHING! It doesn't change the stats in our communities that are going through the roof and it doesn't change the stigma that's placed on gay men (who are continuously thrown under the BUS) so that "IF THE GAYS GO AWAY, WE'LL BE OKAY" resolution is revealed to be a lie, homophobic, ignorant and RIDICULOUS!!!!

Man, I hate THE VIEW when Whoopi's not on! UGH...that's what I get for watching!

It was IgnoranTV!

AJ Terrel

this is a HOT mess. seriously. DL comes in all shapes and forms, and guess what, straight people spread HIV too. hot damn who would have thought. And the fact that no one thought to check them is ridiculous. I'm tired of black people getting on tv and becoming the authority on all things black and white people just take their word for it. "oh, they're black so they'd know". why the hell didn't the other people on this show say, that doesn't even sound right... this show is a damn mess.


"Shepherd remains popular among black gay men in the entertainment industry and among many black gay men on Twitter."

Miss Jawn Murray from BV Black Voices and Tom Joyner is Sherri's gay BFF. Ooh and Patrik Ian Polk and B Scott are always tweeting Sherri! Those queens make my teetch itch!


yeah is so stupid you notice how when they brought up how hard it is to be black and gay in the comm. they somewhat laugh it off. cause they don't want to tell people that the black comm is very anti -gay i blame black churchs for getting people all worked up instead of dealing with the issues that plauge the black comm. As a black gay person myself i just wish that we weren't be blame for the problems in the black comm. And as for sherri she isn't that bright she is so fake i tell doesn't like gay people cause whenever there is a person on there who is gay she puts on her fake smile also when they bring up issues about gay people she always change the subject. i know is people like them thhat keep people of color in the closet its no wonder why people of color don't come out. i think she needs to be replaced NOW,

Brooklyn Boi

Here we go again....Rod continues to bash the black celebrities that are popular in our community...Sherri has love for black gay men and is a comedian but as a black woman she doesn't like "dl" men, big difference...she is the voice of black woman....stop mocking her religious beliefs, thats not the way the way to get black church people to accept us....stop bashing DL men too

Chitown Kev

Damn, I sho'll hate it when our people get out in the street and show their ig'nant black behinds.

Case in pt.-this hot mess.

The real deal is many black straights don't like to protect themselves. Period. For many of the black women, many (can't say most!) want a man so bad they they're willing to take the risk of having sex without protection; after all, many women feel as if they are not getting ALL of a man (every drip drop of their love, as Stacy Lattislaw would say) if the man is wearing a raincoat.

So, sure, some of those men have been DLing it with other men, but many many more are sleeping around with women.

yet these folks continue to want to sacpegoat black gay men.


@ Brooklyn Boi: "stop mocking her religious beliefs, thats not the way the way to get black church people to accept us."

Oh cry me a MFing river. No one is doing that, she is mocking herself but making an azz of herself. I am so sick of black gay men settling for mediocrity and pretending that "this is as good as it gets" or as someone said in another thread about Obama "stop biting the hand that feeds you.

Some of my people are a hot mess.


Sherri "I've had more abortions than I would like to count" Shepherd sure is one to talk about the consequences unprotected sex and taking responsibility.


Brooklyn Boi, how do you have "LOVE" for people you refuse to support? She's against marriage equality and even full rights for us. She's ignorant on the fact and quick to tell us she's got gay friends. WELL, SO DOES SARAH PALIN! I don't care if she "kicks it with the gays" if she won't STAND with us when we need her.

Mo'Nique is amazing to our community and popular with us. So are so many of our female vocalists and even male actors. There aren't a lot of celebs who will try to play both sides of the fence like Sherri. She wants to be out with the kids (read gays) and still be invited to host big church events and to present at the Stellars, so she says something to one crowd and the opposite to another. THAT'S DL! She's a DL "hag" who's willing to ride the line and that's scary, especially without popular information.

Gay Men don't "like" DL men because WE can be as affected by the duplicity of deceit as anyone but that doesn't make them the culprits and surely not alone in the rise of HIV+. When will grown people be held responsible for their own behaviors and choices and what about all of the conversations that are NOT being had because we get to say DL and that shuts down the talking?

Her religious beliefs don't stop her from clubbing, from talking about fornicating, from loving tattoos even though THAT'S IN LEVITICIS TOO AS AN ABOMINATION and so many other things that she does that are in direct conflict with the church, including HER INSANE LUSTING OF EVERY MAN WHO MAKES HER MOIST! Lust is a sin too, so it's not about trying to skewer the woman but if you are going to be The Religious Voice on the show, STAY IN YOUR LANE AND STOP PUTTING ON YOUR BLINKERS BASED SIMPLY ON THE SUBJECT!

P.S. I thought I was the only person alive who says that something "MAKES MY TEETH ITCH!" Wow. That's weird and funny!

P.P.S. The saddest part of these conversations with Black people is when Black people say how hard it is to be Black and Gay among Black People and then those same Black People say something stupid, ignorant, ill-informed and backwards that puts another nail in the BLACK, GAY AND OUT conversation! BLACK PEOPLE CREATED "DON'T ASK, DON'T TELL!"


But isn't the issue really about unprotected sex? I don't understand. HIV is preventable regardless of who you have sex with. To say that HIV is given to black women to homosexual closeted men is ridiculous. That would assume that many black men in general are on this "down low" and looking at the numbers.... that just isn't true. Its really sad to see this sort of ignorance being spread.




I don't get why no one is asking, requiring or demanding that a Black man, or any man for that matter use protection before running up in it...Also, who stands more to lose? Those who have a "moral" laspe in judgemnt by not telling or not knowing they are speading HIV or SOMEONE NOT WILLING TO TAKE THEIR OWN PROTECTION INTO THEIR OWN HANDS reguardless of who their partner is or their relation to them? Laws want to penalize the one who has the "moral" laspe in judgement for unfair behavior, but no matter, the one who fails to PROTECT THEMSELF regardless ultimately loses, thinking someone else is ever to be trusted or fair in protecting their HIV negative staus when all they wanted to do was get down....


This whole conversation just exposes the problems that come with talking about HIV and AIDS. So many times the talk devolves into the blame game. In the end, some group is always being blamed for spreading HIV. The last time I checked, HIV is spread due to sex without condoms or sharing needles. Also it can be spread through blood transfusions, although blood products are supposed to be screened first.

But it is absolutely shameful that people are still having sex without using a condom. Unless a couple is trying to have a child, people should be using condoms. Why do we have to keep going over this again and again and again? I bet if you asked the average person if sex without a condom is dangerous to your health, they would answer yes. So why do people STILL choose to put their lives in jeopardy? WHY?!!!

But this leads to a bigger issue. Everyone should be tested for HIV. There are too many folks running around unaware of their HIV status. Most won't even find out until they start exhibiting symptoms of AIDS. By that time it is too late. There are too many folks who still think that you can look at someone and tell if they are HIV+. Hell, you can't even tell if someone has full blown AIDS. People have successfully covered that up by using steroids to bulk up their bodies. The point is that the only way to know if someone is HIV+ is by taking a test.

The conversation on The View was just a microcosm of the real problem. Poor judgment. Everyone is responsible for spreading HIV. If you are engaging in unprotected sex or sharing needles with others, then you could be spreading HIV to others. Plain and simple. Another problem is the lack of education. However, most people do know that not using a condom is risky behavior. But they either think it won't happen to them or they just don't give a damn. Either way, we still come back to poor judgment.

When are people going to wake up. Use condoms when having sex. Oh sure, nothing is 100% unless you abstain from sex. However, I bet the number of people being infected with HIV would be dramatically less if they had faithfully used condoms.

This entire conversation is like one of those long tennis rallies with the ball going back and forth. Unfortunately when the point is finally lost, another person becomes infected with HIV.

Why does humanity stand around to see how bad bad can get until we start to change. I guess things haven't gotten bad enough until we lose a quarter of the population.


DL men (of any race) are not a subset of the gay male community who refuse to come out, they are a subset of the straight majority community who like to "take a walk on the wild side" every once in a while, but don't want that to define their identity. The criticism and fear of the DL phenomenon is NOT directed against gay men (closeted or out). It is about straight men who venture over to the gay side on occasion!


well i 've always been out opely gay person. sadly sherrie and DL express what alot of black people think about gay people .Like i said before o blame churchs.But we do need out proud black people thank goodness we do like LEE DANIELS, WANDA SYKES, PARIS BARCLAY,

carlton jordan

im gonna put this on my blog because i think its pure ignorance ... i dont care what ms hugly has to say, but for sherri to pretend to be a friend of the gay community and spew this nonsense...i am appalled..

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