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21 June 2010



Eviscerated is the perfect word to describe how "Boondocks" took down Tyler Perry. That episode made me laugh! But it also pointed out how ridiculous Perry's work is. I've never understood how people worship at the alter of Tyler Perry. His work is total garbage.


I died, resurrected, and died again.

Btw, thank you for this prompt response to this request in the other article, lol.


I don't think they confronted homophobia at all with this episode, I actually feel like they added to it and it really made me angry watching this and how ignorant the kids were for saying NO HOMO and PAUSE. The tyler perry character came across as a sexual pervert and in the end got the door slammed in his face. The guy is a successful black director.

I think this episode was extremely homophobic


This episode left nothing to the imagination about how the producer feels about Tyler Perry. Many share his sentiments while other don't. The issue of TP's sexuality, which is his business to share or not, is at the heart of this whole parody and people's tiring of him. While his sexuality is his own business, I do think that perpetuating stereotypes, be they about homosexuality or just "being black" in general, is an outward sign of some internal struggle. He may not be gay, hard to consciously even think that's true let alone write it (LOL); however, if he is, when the real truth comes out, this will be disastrous for his career. I hope he's saving and investing!

Former COGIC

I'm gonna step out on a limb here.... I think Tyler Perry is a lens through which black gay men see themselves.

Those of us who tend to be closeted, have strong connections to church or are not active or identified with a gay community or identity, black or otherwise, tend to be very supportive or defensive of him. I think many closeted, not out or not political black gay/bi men see him as the epitome of success.

Many black gay men who are active, political or who are not closeted usually don't feel so defensive about TP. Just read the comments at this blog. That being said, I think this was an "evisceration".There's nothing wrong with criticizing or making a parody, he's not above criticism.

And I think its wrong to say this cartoon (and let's not forget, its a cartoon) contributes to homophobia. Tyler Perry says he's not gay. Some of us may know otherwise and many may feel otherwise but he says he isn't gay. So if he isn't gay, and doesn't have gay themes or characters (besides shirtless muscle men, gospel, Janet Jackson and femme queens as jokes), we can't expect a cartoon to deal better with the alleged homophobia Tyler or black gay men have to face ... than Tyler Perry does. It's a catch 22 and of comes up in black defenses of TP ... folk want to defend him as if he is an out gay director, but he's not.

That being said, super successful or not, his work is boring and formulaic, the plots are simple and the acting is mostly emoting. But it's very successful, mainly because there isnt much else black on the screen and the community historically accepts mediocrity. It is what it is.

Just my pov as a former closeted black gay men in the black church who is now out and proud.


on one hand i'm surprised there aren't more comments here. on other hand i'm not. i totally agree that many in our community want to claim tyler perry as one of our own but want to do the old "wink and a nod" as in "thats his business". if thats the case, we can't get accept when he is being criticized. perry is an artist a filmmaker and put himself out there. they're not criticzing black gay men (which perry sez he aint!) they are lampooning perry and did a damn good job of it too.

tyler perry is a big boy. he's not going to fall apart after a cartoon mocks him. it's actually very rare that anyone in black hollywood or media calls out perry. have at it kids!


I thought this was hilarious, I've never found any Tyler Perry movie to be entertaining, when ever I watched them I thought "what's the big deal, it's the same formula every time he just changes some of the names" but this show was really funny. I don't care if TP is gay or not, he's not the most masculine guy either way but that doesn't mean much. I don't think people should be overly critical of the BD's though, they just took on a subject that a lot of people talk about.


Sorry but this cartoon only added to the homophobia out there amongst black folks in and out of the church...why? Because it did not have any POSITIVE, well-adjusted portrayals of black LGBTQQI people. Once we get positive portrayals (and not just eviscerating satires of a B-film director and church queen) then we move forward in terms of activism and advocacy for anti-homophobic justice.

As ever, Rod, you cull the best posts from pop culture and beyond. Excellent work.

S. Flemming

I enjoy the show from time to time, but I've always thought of the dude behind it as just another black homophobe attempting to hide his ignorance behind an arty facade. I have not seen this yet, but it won't surprise me in the least if it turns out to be homophobic.

The Truth

I think this was hillarious...a fine piece of satire, just as good as the BET episode.


I thought this episode was LOL funny...Mr. Perry is not going to be to happy about this one...


While I enjoy Tyler Perry's movies and live performances, I'm not a fan of his show "House of Payne." I choose to watch his performances for entertainment, which is the same reason I watch The Boondock's. Like Tyler Perry's performances, The Boondocks was a great laugh. I could care less if Tyler is guy or not. Just keep me laughing, Aaron. In today's world of war, recession, and oil spills, I welcome it.

Black Pegasus

Those two HOMOPHOBIC kids make me sick to my damn stomach! Yes, the show is funny, yes, it's edgy; BUT it's also a co-signature on the current state of Black Homophobia!

This show tells kids and their parents that it's ok (and cool) to be anti-gay!


I am really intrigued that no one has spoken about the "cult-like" tone of the entire piece.

It's interesting that Black people have given Tyler Perry an almost unilateral pass and while he CAN BE entertaining, it's same that we fall for the EXACT SAME FORMULA with almost the IDENTICAL PLAYERS INVOLVED!

The piece is satirical and brilliant and almost fiery in its powerful skewering of the way Jesus is pimped in the industry. It's just like the same way the Apollo didn't allow gospel songs because the audience would be perceived as MEAN-SPIRITED! The audience at the Apollo was allowed to be real and now it seems that we are drones who clap when told and cry on impact.

The "conflict" between "Winston Jerome" and ICE CUBe is also pretty telling, making it seem as though we can't have 2 OF ANYTHING without internal conflict and strife.

The gay parts are almost ancillary and the "NO HOMO" parts from the youth were really telling (SEE THE TWO YOUNG DUDES ON YOUTUBE WITH A SERIOUSLY PERFECT "NO HOMO" SPOOF!) because the statement is a new level of how men are FROZEN OUT from their own emotions and TOLD to NEVER express...or else!

Thanks for this R20 because I might have never seen this show/episode. The elder's "transition" to being able to say that he's willing to do anything and THEN he says "NO HOMO," once he decides he is willing to do something that's perceived as such is just WOW!

This episode just made me add "THE BOONDOCKS" to my DVR list!

S. Flemming

OMG ... that was ... interesting. I am curious to see how Perry will respond.


after seeing dat...eviscerated is da PERFECT word..O my!


I hate those two brats.

And please stop speculating on Tyler's sexuality. Let him be great!

Kevin Perez

Whoah, and the Sista brigade comes to defend the honorable and ever so straight Tyler Perry!

Normally I'd never say this word but the shirtless niggas in the video look sexy as Hell! Black men do come in various colors!


Tyler doesn't need defending! I think we have all said everything we can say about him on this blog. Im Cool with Tyler as long as he says nothing negative about LGBT. If he comes out as Gay, I will still be a fan. I don't know or care if he is or isn't. He makes me laugh and thats the end of the story.

As far as him using the same formula... well if you now what your good at, then stay in you lane. I don't think were ever gonna see a Tyler Perry action film, LOL! But one never knows... DO ONE! (Please excuse me I was watching "Stormy Weather" last night)

The video is funny, but also EXTREMELY Homophobic! Terrible lesson for kids to learn and does nothing but perpetuate the stigma attached to Black Gay men. I totally get that this episode was NEVER suppose to serve any positive purpose for the Gay community, so I guess I just leave it at that.


People not getting the fact that they are clearly pointing out religious hypocrisy and how ridiculous "no homo" is, is shocking to me..

Super Gay-Negro

I don't see how they are showing how ridiculous "No Homo" sounds when that critique isn't a part of the actual episode and Grandpa ends up adopting it at the end. I think the episode is extremely homophobic and dangerous because "that's gay" and "no homo" are accepted as the basis of something wrong, perverse, and evil.

Casting couch and religified madness aside, though, TP is worth a billion dollars and has his own sound studio - something black Hollywood has never been able to come together to do. Plus who is hiring a Cicely Tyson nowadays? Spike Lee? No. Tyler Perry. If you don't like his shizznitz, write a script. If you hate that he's in the closet, go find a boyfriend and take him to church. Tyler is about his paper. I'm out. I'm black. I'm gay. But I respect the green.

Taylor Siluwé

I thought it was hilarious, and that it was about time someone blew TP's wig off. But slowly it dawned on me that this episode not just bashed Tyler and all Jesus pimps ... it bashed us too.

Same ol' homophobia, different venue. By the time the episode ended, I'd stopped laughing a long time ago.

What are the typical homo-haters and bashers out there going to take from this episode? Are they suddenly gonna feel all warm and fuzzy about the gay thing?

Doubtful. They'll think that we're all slightly psychotic cross-dressing sexual deviants who will do absolutely anything, ANYTHING, to get some.

Funny as the Madea parody was, for the very first time I'm left with a foul taste in my mouth and wondering what exactly is the Boondock's creator trying to tell the world.

Because clearly there was no homo love and can't we all just get along in this episode.


The episode didn't bash you over the head and openly say that the no homo thing is ridiculous, but it didn't need to. I think the scene where Riley is explaining no homo perfectly sums up McGruder and Barnes' attitude on the subject, which is that it is silly.

The episode didn't bash Perry for being gay, just bashed him for the facade he puts up with the whole Jesus and madea thing. Although I can see how someone would think that the episode is homophobic, I personally believe that wasn't their intent... I think they just really hate Tyler Perry.


@ Super Gay Closeted Negro:

Aaron McGruder of "The Boondocks" does have a show, hun. So he meets your silly requirements. But you don't have a movie or series either, so that means your opinion is invalid right. Right?

I'm assuming you don't have an album either, does that mean you aren't allowed to critique 50 Cent? Wait, he's making "paper" so I guess Fiddy is also immune from criticism too?

Silly.SMH. Go satdown somewhere, chile. Grown folks are expressing their opinions here. We're allowed to do that. You don't like it, stay in the closet and don't read the blog.

Black Pegasus

Does Aaron McGruder still have creative control of this show? And pardon me if I step on a toe or two, but isn't McGruder GAY? I get a total
Gay vibe from this dude, yet his show continually bash Gay Folks.

As for Tyler Perry, I'm totally indifferent to him! As long as he stays in his lane and reframes from the Homophobic bullsh*T, I'll just let Tyler do Tyler... But Aaron McGruder crosses the damn line every week with his endorsements of ANTI-Gay Black Hate... Lets take away his "Access Card" and stop the madness!

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