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21 June 2010


Super Gay-Negro

Randall, I actually do have films out and I put out CDs ten years ago when I lived off being a musician. I get your point on why should I say don't scold TP while I am busy scolding AMcG, but we're all complicated. Plus in my mind TP is in a class of his own. Because...

People have been giving Tyler Perry flack and calling him a chittlin' circuit stereotype pumping coon for over a decade. I still hear it from friends who are playwrights, directors, and actors. At this point Tyler is not going to change. And he's rich. I say put out good stuff so people can make someone else rich who deserves it more. I feel a similar way about black people complaining what white people aren't doing for them, do for yourself! We're not victims, we survived and still are.

As far as using the closet as an attack on my character, believe me, I am the LAST person to be found in the closet. : ) And I actually find it a little sad because if I were a DL brother hanging on the cross of some pentecostal church, your words might push me over the edge into serious depression.


@ Super Gay-Negro

As I said. It's shocking that people don't get it. The scene where the boy is explaining to his Grandfather why he has to say "no homo" at the end of everything was genius and a clear mocking of the whole "no homo" phrase...


This is the great predicament about satire..

Super Gay-Negro

Luxury, another couple of posts with that keen wit of yours and you could get it. ; )


@Luxury: I cosign Super Gay-Negro. :)

I'm not out, either, but I get the point of the satire. The difference between Tyler and I(besides the bank account) is that Tyler is so clockable that a toddler could see that he's gay.


OK. I’ve watched this whole thing twice just to be sure, and if this show is making fun of “no homo,” then it’s so subtle, the only ones who will ever get it are gay folks and their urbane allies.

Think about it: The kids are the heroes of this piece. They’re the ones who try to rescue their granddad from the “bizarre, homoerotic, Christian theater cult.” They’re the ones who in the end are proved right, and their granddad throughout the whole show is a fool.

And we’re supposed to think that the kids are right about everything, EXCEPT no homo?

The satire of Tyler Perry in this show is funny. The satire of Jesus’ name being invoked to justify every narcissistic desire—so typical of evangelicals—is funny. But there is a very big difference between making fun of evangelicals and making fun of gay black men:

No man can even think about getting elected to be president of this country without his pretending to be an evangelical—that’s how powerful they have become. Ridiculing evangelicals doesn’t even put ONE DENT in their power or privilege. On the other hand, gay black men are viewed as the lowest of the low in our society, at least by many. That means if someone is going to ridicule homophobia, and ridicule prejudice against black gay men in particular, it had better be totally d*mn clear that ridicule is what it really is.

Not only is it not clear to me that this piece is ridiculing homophobia, I’m pretty sure it is ridiculing us instead.

Super Gay-Negro

Preach, Jim!!!


It was only one kid that was saying no-homo. The kid with the fro just looked at his brother as if he had lost his mind. If you watch the show the one kid with the braids that says no-homo usually plays the role of the foolish or ignorant character and his brother plays the person with some sense. Imo it wasn't homophobic, but showing how silly no-homo and Tyler Perry plays is and can be.

Taylor Siluwé

Amen, Jim!

S. Flemming

Jim hit it dead on ...


Exactly Ace. The points of view of Riley, the youngest brother, are usually representative of the ignorant ghetto mentality that the show lambastes, not celebrates.

And a bit of ghetto mentality I see in some of these comments is the "long as he's makin paper you can't criticize him" mentality. Well the crack dealer makes paper. And Goldman Sachs and BP and AIG and all the other companies that have help screw up the economy and environment in ways we all have to pay for were "just makin their paper." I guess they shouldn't be criticized either?

Super Gay-Negro


Wanting money is ghetto? I thought it was being fiscally conservative. Capitalism was built on the backs of African slave labor. I want my piece of the pie.

It's all well and good to be a Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyite-Fanonian or whatever, but I went to Africa as a penniless activist and my love for my people made a much smaller impact than even $1000 toward school books would have. And TP is not AIG or BP, those cats are killing our planet and ruining retirement funds. It's not a zero-sum debate here people. Like I said, we're all complicated.


One of the best comments here is Cherry's.

It surprises me how many of you have no understanding of satire? It's classic "All In The Family" with homophobia standing in for racism. More importantly, for me, it works.

Did people not watch the entire episode? It was clear from the moment Riley explained how to use "no homo" that it was satire, and that homophobia is stupid.

Also, for those of you who think this makes gays looks bad, you must also subscribe to the notion that every black person convicted of a crime brings all blacks down. Honestly, stop. Tyler Perry, gay as he's perceived here doesn't represent all gays, any more than some random black guy on the news represents all blacks. Will some radical people use him as an example of how all gays/black act? Yes. But those are people who had that opinion of you anyway and are looking for any scapegoat to try to further their claim. The sooner you unsubscribe to the notion that anyONE is the ambassador of EVERYone, the better you'll be.

This episode was fanf*ckingtastic.


Procrastination, a lot of the people here are older and once they have their minds set on something(however wrong it may be), they won't change. I appreciate you trying to break it down again, like so many others have done but it's best to let it go. They see the world through bitter, gay-colored glasses and that won't change.

S. Flemming

I think what people are missing is that most of us GET the satire. However, the people who NEED to get it are not going to interpret it as such. They are going to take it as a validation of their ignorant views of us ... notice how by the end Grandpa basically agrees with Riley. I get that it is satire but I am willing to bet most people won't, and now we will have both no homo AND pause to endure from ignorant straights.


YES!! @ S. Flemming! Most of us have said it was Funny... BUT it doesn't help! We get the satire, but we can also go little deeper than the surface to see that there is great potential of miscommunication of the "so called" satire. It is in my opinion that the writer is genuinely homophobic, but is clever enough to disguise it in satire, but I can see his homophobia from a mile away.


This SH!T was sooooooooo hilarious! Better than anything Tyler Perry could have come up with! HHAHAHA!! I'm speechless....Boondocks Rulz!!!


I actually found this funny. Riley, the one with cornrows, is always the stupid ignorant one. Huey is the one with common sense. I don't think it was making fun of black gay men, just Perry's closeted and extra religious self.


Aaron is not gay, nerdy but not gay.

However I thought the piece was absolutely brilliant. Tyler Perry fans need to wake up. He's making some of the shittiest stuff I've ever seen. Complete crap factory.

The McGruder piece was excellent. It's satire and if you don't have the ability to see that then I see why you would find a Tyler Perry flick entertaining.

AJ Terrel

honestly, I enjoy the pieces TP has put out that don't feature Madea. While she does have some good things to say, she is a bad role model on many levels. TP himself has said he had to think about the character between his first and second movie because a CHILD came up to him talking about gun toting.

now the sad part with satire is this. unless you dumb it down, it's an intelligent art form. I don't mean to insult you on here who didn't get it. but as someone who studies literature, satire is hard to do, and hard to understand when it's done.

TP can sh!t on a piece of paper and record it and he'd be able to sell it. that's what comes with stardom and fame, once you hit a certain level of stardom, making paper ain't hard. the only reason he's so famous is because black people, who buy more, spending money on things we don't generally need (statistics say that black people make almost the least money in America, but spend the most on luxury items) support him. and the white company owners of Lion's Gate want their paper.

please tell me this. Blaxploitation was wrong but highly popular. those people making those films were "getting their paper". so does that mean Blaxploitation movies didn't hurt black people?

I'm not down on TP however, someones success doesn't mean they are doing what is right.

TP has a lot to offer the globe, which I think was seen in Diary of a Mad black Woman, The Family That Preys, Daddy's Girls and Why Did I Get Married. However this episode did raise the question of why did Perry have to put on a dress and wig to be taken "seriously".

Why does black America have to laugh and see ourselves at our worst (a gun toting, nonreligious, cursing, disrespectful matriarch) to hear what we've needed to hear for so long?

I'd argue to say that some of the people who need to hear that black people can be successful, love ourselves, and be proud, hard working black folk miss the point of his message, just like some of us missed the mark with Boondocks.

however, don't think just because a good amount of black people will pay for something means it's something we need.

A black man making paper off of selling us a few black stereotypes isn't something new either.

They made black people perform black face... but hey, they, too, were just "making their paper"

this issue is beyond Boondocks and Tyler Perry.

It's an issue of race in America. when will white people learn that not all black people are the same. we don't all think alike. and we don't all like the same things. When are they going to realize that we come from all walks of life, all pay levels, all colors, all sexualities, all parts of the country. educated, uneducated, rich, poor, gay, straight, lesbian, drag, butch,fem,transgender, transsexual... Matter of fact. WHEN ARE BLACK PEOPLE GOING TO REALIZE IT?


sorry, everyone, it wasnt "bashing religious hypocrisy" - it was bashing Tyler Perry on a PERSONAL level! To me it was ugly and meanspirited - its one thing to find fault with his movies (I dont think they're great productions either, but evidently lots of others do), but going after him personally is a different matter! Presenting him as a creepy perverted secretly gay man is insulting and homophobic! He's created a moviemaking empire just so he can get a potbellied old man to have sex with him?
And how does anyone know Tyler Perry is "pimping" religion? Maybe he really believes in it - has anyone ever considered that?


and its worth pointing out that when "serious" black movies are made, the mass black audience ignores them! Rosewood, Beloved, Eve's Bayou, Bamboozled - all of these were attempts to created serious black movies, and they all bombed at the box office - black viewers werent interested!
WHen the Passion of the Christ came out, there were black people whining about a "white jesus" - but when the Color of Christ came out (the black jesus movie with Blair Underwood) it bombed at the box office too - obviously more blacks preferred Mel Gibson's vision of Jesus!
Like him or not, Tyler Perry makes movies black people DO want to see!

alicia banks

i love am and tp

am is always hard but he never lies!



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