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02 July 2010



Why did Austria have him deported in the first place though? What are their attitudes towards gay rights? I don't understand why they just upped and arrested him like this? Is Eastern Europe that intolerant?


Dag, this blows. While you all eat your hot dogs and hamburgers and watch the fireworks this weekend, keep Cletus in your mind and pray for his safety, and that he makes it to a more progressive welcoming nation.


This is so sad...I hope everything turns out right for him. Nigeria is such a FAILED state...SMH!

John Ademola

Tue, July 6, 2010 10:10:20 AMAUSTRIA: Gay Nigerian Footballer Deported and Now in Hiding
From: john ademola View Contact
To: Nigerian Gay


Please read the article before reading the commentary if you have not read it. http://shar.es/m9lsz


I have been asked by numerous people about why I decided to stay out of Nigeria as a gay man. I decided to stay out because I came to self-acceptance and reject Criminalization of my sexuality. Apart from Sharia law applicable in the Northern part of Nigeria, Chapter 21, Articles 214 and 217 of the Nigerian penal code is a threat to any conscious and openly gay person in Nigeria. Based on the publicity Cletus has received, he could become a source of exploitation for the Nigerian police. I feel for Cletus. The worst of death for me while in Nigeria, and before I came to self-acceptance, was the struggle in the closet. The fear and hurt from rejection when people know your secret. Living like that for anyone who is conscious of self-dignity and who longs for integrity is a prison without wall. Such a person needs freedom. If Cletus is actually gay, he needs help from the world to be set free so are all gays and lesbians in Nigeria or who are Nigerians. Not necessarily freedom to move out of Nigeria, but freedom to live in freedom in the land of our birth. (To me any place open to freedom and security is home, but I am not advocating a trans-Atlantic gay migration.)

Pending the arrival of that help, Cletus, take heart. Remain in self-acceptance and conduct yourself with care in Nigeria. I am sure you know that being gay is not a choice for most people. I hope that is true to you too. Don't hesitate to e-mail me through couragenigeria@gmail.com. I have no money or power, but we can work together still. Thanks.

Nothing less than freedom and equality we demand for the lgbt world-wide.


Jordans 5

"No difference in the past, non-attachment the future, do not play on the now. Anju now, and happy to live the moment", which Buddhist Feeling deep sentence, which fell heart, the mind immediately let me have far-reaching everywhere cool.

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