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27 July 2010


Doug Cooper Spencer

This is so cool, Rod. I've never been to Germany, but you've definitely lighted an even greater spark of interest. BTW, here in Cincinnati we just installed a portion of the Berlin Wall as a permanent display at The Freedom Center.

Nathan James

Rod, that is very moving. The Holocaust should be an everlasting reminder to all humanity of the atrocities unchecked, blind hatred leads to. Are there any memorials in Berlin to the gays that were also systematically slaughtered under the Nazis?


The Nazi Holocaust should be a reminder of unchecked atrocity but it has become a billion dollar industry ran by corrupt individuals who have refused to give the heirs of survivors money they secured for the survivors..who have pre-dominantly passed away. This disturbs me tremendously, especially since I am considered anti-semetic and a Holocaust denier for stating this. I truly believe using the Holocaust to "shakedown" banks for money is disgraceful tribute to those who suffered but the German memorial is commendable.

Rod Mc

Nathan, there is a memorial to the gays murdered by the Nazis. But I missed it. I will check for it when I return. -RM


Wow this is interesting,.I'll be in Cologne Germany Thursday for the Gay Games,..maybe I'll hop a train over to Berlin the week after and check some of this out. Thanks.

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