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26 July 2010


Greg G

Berlin I am soooo jealous!
Have fun!


the wall is down in Berlin. But now 2 walls go up. One in Palestine and the other in the United States. Where is the progress?

Demetrius Bagley

So happy you are boppin' through Europe right now. ENJOY!

Former COGIC

Rod, I am so happy for you. Even though it is a working trip, you deserved and needed a break. And I am so proud that you were at AIDS 2010 and represented. That is so major that you were asked top cover such an important conference so far away.

Rest up and enjoy the sights. But don't forget that we're going thru Rod withdraw when you don't up[date eight times a day lol.

Taylor Siluwé

Njoy Europe, Rod ...

Make a ton of memories ...

We all love you ... ;-)

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