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07 July 2010



Athletics has traditionally segregated competitions based on the idea that biological sex makes a significant difference in terms of performance. There is SOME truth to that in SOME contexts, but modern science has made it clear that not everyone fits neatly into traditional binary sex categories.
The existence of people like Caster Semenya (who would be classified as intersexed, if the leaked reports are true), make it clear that we need to create an alternative system of athletic competitions in which anyone who meets a given minimum standard of performance can compete in a sport without regard to sex or gender. For instance, both women and men compete in some "Iron Man" competitions, and there is no "male winner" or "female winner"; there is just a winner.

Liberator Émigré Éire

Glad to see the disgusting treatment Semenya was subjected to hasn't destroyed her dreams.

Good luck to her.


Good for her!

African Women

Way to go, Caster. The gender lines were never more blurred than in this case.

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