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30 July 2010



this is great news. city councilwoman janice fullilove is full of love in more ways than one. and she is a profile in courage for black america. this brave woman marched with dr king, she knows what king's dream was supposed to mean.


and i have to say that it's disappointing there are not mor5e comments. people will come out of the woodwork to defend tyler perry, criticize anyone who criticize janet's fur ad or start arguments over why closeted/dl black men need our support.

people who are out there fighting the fight who gay black folks ... not so much.


Good for her by sticking by her guns.


Cosign what FQ said.

And I just sent her an email. Thank you Councilwoman Fullilove. Your heart is "full of love" and it's wonderful!


I wish this story could have shown comments from the local clergy, including Steve Gaines, pastor of one of the Southern Baptist flagship churches, the 30,000+ member Bellevue Baptist Church. I can't understand why it's hard to fathom the idea that this is not abuot promoting anything, rather just to acknowledge that this is simply to ensure that all people are treated with respect. While this bill includes entities that do business with the city, if you feel that your status entitles you to degrade or mistreat anyone, you don't need to be doing business with the city in the first place.


I sent an e-mail of support to this amazing woman.

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