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08 July 2010



We all know that this is nothing but a last ditch effort by these right-wing bigots, to stop this from going through. What upsets me is how Pres Obama and the other dems allow them to do this. I'm so tired of people playng politics with peoples' lives like this. The dems wanna stall this until after November and so far, it looks like they're right on track.


I cannot even begin to reiterate how rediculous this is. They are indeed on schedule for dealing with this after the fall elections.

The results come back in in August and they say that it will take months to sort out the results, then in mid to late November early December the results come out.

It will be repealed like it is supposed to be, but the Obama administration will say that the public decided that DADT be repealed, when in reality they had already decided that they would do that regardless of what this survey says.

This survey may even say no to repealing DADT, but the Obama administration is going to do it anyway and say this is what the public wants. This way his hands look clean to the Right (both Repubs and religious).


The idea of asking people if they'd be comfortable working with homosexuals is as ridiculous and offensive as asking people if they'd be comfortable working with Pacific Islanders.

This decision needs to be made from the top down, without any crutches like this survey to excuse normalizing homophobia, so we have a clear idea of who's accountable when it's time for heads to roll.

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