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06 July 2010



I'm lost for words...


So truly sad ... just awful... ruined my day




Uganda Martyrs Day is when the nation celebrates the Ugandan Christians who were slaughtered in the 1880s because, as the church-encouraged legend goes, they did not submit to the homosexual advances of their king, Mwanga II. (The slaughter was actually part of a religious struggle between the Catholics, the Protestants, and the Muslims for the Ugandan royal court.) It is only fitting that Christians celebrate this day by committing their own murder.

Please send a thank you note, with a photograph, to your neighborhood pastor.

Pasikali Kashusbe was a courageous young man.


We can thank the depraved, homophobic, American evangelicals for this one.


Disgusting. It will be a long and treacherous road for GLBTQ visibilty and tolerance, let alone acceptance, in Uganda and surrounding countries. Thoughts are with the family and all those who fight for the right to exist.

Mel Smith

Wow, there are some real monsters in Uganda.

I blame the worldwide heterosexual establishment for those acts. I also blame the coward closet cases.

Socially, we're seen as so low that we even have the people in that nation looking down on us.

This is so unreal at times. I'm truly shaking my head with disgust.


An Unbearable Tragedy. Human life has no value in Uganda. The Country is literally being run by sociopaths. I truly hope there will be justice in this case, but I wont hold my breath. Uganda has become a moral cesspool, like many other places in this world.

This helps me to better understand why Steven from the Malawi story decided to leave his relationship with Tiwonge(sp). These places are just so intolerant that you can never know who is lurking in the shadows waiting to harm you... or in this case KILL YOU!

RIP Pasikali Kashusbe.


I know I'm on a tangent, but this why I don't understand all the money and aid flowing into Africa. Most countries there have citizens who keep having kids, all of whom will die early and/or kill others. I wish we'd just forget about them until they get their OWN act(s) together.


look before u leap; age old wisdom.A lot of lies peddeling on the internet - this was not a gay activist.

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