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06 July 2010



It's such a shame but we all knew in the back of our minds, this heffa would ultimately do this. So much for my dream wedding on Waikiki Beach...sigh....


This is totally no surprise. I don't expect anything great from republicans.


"So much for my dream wedding on Waikiki Beach...sigh...."

You and me both!
But I still want to have mine.
And what is Miss Unmarried Linda Lingle hiding?


She's got "self-loathing closeted lesbian" written all over her. Bitch.


I know I'm wrong for this.. but... (in Miss Swan voice) SHE LOOKA LIKA MAN!!!

... I had to do it.


Rod wrote: “These are Lingle’s final months in office and signing the bill would have cost her nothing politically.

I disagree with this. Linda Lingle will probably never be elected to a political office again, but she does have a chance of being appointed to a position at the national level, either in government if a Republican becomes president, or in the party organization itself.

If she had not vetoed this bill, that would have killed her political future in the Republican Party. In our age, there is no room in the Republican Party at the national level for anyone who smells of “moderation.”

It is for this reason that I was fairly sure she would veto the bill. If it is true that she is gay, then I hope someone with airtight evidence is preparing a dossier now. Her being revealed as gay will kill her future with the Republican Party even faster than signing the Civil Unions Bill would have.


Everyone's comments is ignorant and closed minded. I really thought that out of all the states of America Hawaii would be the one state with the most understanding of everyone being equal. Hawaii is the main state where there are all types of people who live together in harmony with little prejudice against others. I mean ask yourself how many of us have gay aunty's or uncles, and do we look down on them or accept them because their family and we love them no matter what. It's this kind of close mind ideas is what let America allow racism go on for so long. Everyone needs to understand that people of the same gender who want to be together should have the same rights as a man and women marriage because they are no different just two people who love each other very much and wants to make sure there other half is taking care of. That is all anyone wants in a marriage is to make sure there family is taken care of wether it's going to a hospital for major surgery or just going to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned.


Just an FYI I didn't mean the comments on here is closed minded just peoples comments in support of Linda Lingles decision to veto the bill.

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