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02 July 2010



She looks outstanding!!! Love Janet.


Now that was a whole lot of beauty. Janet is magnificent. She's just so elegant. Adam Rodriguez is the perfect fantasy. Even the photographer Yu Tsai, is fine. Damn...


YES! Go Janet! She is really giving it! Love Adam Rodriguez. ITA w/ Freeleo, even the photographer had it goin on!

True Words

I wish she would she a little more of her age; she does look wonderful but I have seen her in the past year less than 10 feet away and well...

I know this "more natural" look would not sell but it would send a message to our younger and aging black women.

Rod Neville

I'm guessing that is a wig on Janet?


My God, she looks so much like her sister Rebbie now that its not funny. That's a compliment but these Jackson genes are STRONG!


Does it really matter if she is sporting a wig? If she lookgs good, then we should just give the sister her props. She has been through a lot lately and I am sure she would appreciate praise instead of criticism.

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