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02 July 2010


Kevin Perez

Is the Black community in L.A. saying anything about this? A Black lesbian...Yep, sadly she's on no one's radar...


This case was weird from the very beginning. I have cop friends who have told me that they would not have let her walk alone in the middle of the night by herself. They would have at least driven her to a safe place if not to her home. It's a shame that more focus hasn't been placed on her disappearance. I bet the story would have been different if she had been white. I understand your anger Kevin Perez, but this was strictly a racial issue centering around the lack of attention on this case. Just another statistic of a black woman gone missing.

By the way, although I lack proof, I think a police officer was behind her disappearance. I've had that nagging suspicion all along. Something just doesn't add up.

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