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29 July 2010



tom hardy, not tom howard is the UK actor

Former COGIC

Could you imagine an American actor admitting something like this? This shows how the British actors are a different breed.

AJ Terrel

In My Opinion It's A Sad Day In 2010 When Black People Can't Handle A White Woman Being The Fashion Editor For Essence Magazine. If She Does A Good, Or Bad Job, It Is Based On Her Person, Not On Her Race. How Can You Expect Change To Happen When The Underdogs Won't Swallow Their Own Medicine. It's Not Ok To Be Racist Either Way. Get That. Got That? GOOD.

alright, that being said. I can understand the sentiment. we feel cheated. when one of us loses, we all lose.

but he's the thing. We expect white people to take black publications seriously when we won't let anyone but black people in... well that's dumb. yes it's a magazine FOR black women, but it doesn't have to be a BLACK woman reading it. what if she maximizes profit and can bring in a white demographic and IDK have them also read something with some substance?

WHAT IF she showcases new black designers? what if she premieres new black models... what if?

let's open our minds to the possibility that she was the best candidate. or even if she wasn't, she was chosen for a reason.

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