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19 July 2010



Easy Ne-Yo....trying to throw us off! Why don't you quite getting mad and stop trying to prove that you are not gay. We will all suspect it still. Just continue on with your life bro!


The lady doth protest too much me thinks.

The Gay

Someone should remind him that at some point Ricky Martin was expecting babies as well.

The Truth

Whatever you say, Ne-yo...
The industry is all smoke and mirrors.


well, i'll take Ne-yo at his word that he's not gay. However, I will not stop making catty comments about him going bald...(ooh snap)


Rod actually posted a tame picture. *shocked*


A girlfriend you say? AND shes expecting? Definitely puts you off the hook. What gay man has ever had a girlfriend and a baby at one point in their life? I sure can't think of one. Nope, not one.


HOW ABOUT YOU SAY "I'M NOT GAY BECAUSE...I'M NOT GAY!" not because I have a girlfriend and a baby! ALL THE GAY MEN I KNOW WITH NATURAL CHILDREN is beyond count across the country, Ne-Yo, some had because of the desires to parent and others trying to hide their sexuality.

At the end of the day, I would not give half a fart about people talking about me. Nancy Wilson once said "AS LONG AS THEY'RE TALKING ABOUT YOU, THEY'RE THINKING ABOUT YOU!" So the gays think you're gay? The straights? Apparently the woman you are having a baby with doesn't and that's all that should matter to your penis, brother!

Shut up already...


I don't even know why I like his songs right now... what a stupidity... he should act vain for his sexuality being mistaken and even could get an advantage of that. There are lot's of young gay people who would be encouraged by that and would loved his songs and work even more. He should stand a quote like for example. "I'm flatter with the comment of me being gay, it's such a honor for me having this compliment. I love all my gays fans and all the gay people the same way that I love everybody else. Me and my wife even joke about this, she's a bit jealous"
oh yeah this would be great... Ne-yo stop thinking little start thinking big and global to act local!

Andy Niable

I believe the proper answer to the question "How can I be gay because I have a girlfriend and she is expecting a baby?" is to say "Here, let me show you how..."


Okay Ne-Yo, we'll stop calling you gay...you're BISEXUAL!


Hit dogs holla!


Well he has a right to ask folks not to say it. I'm not offended at it....to me it's whateva!

Chile Boo!



well good for him.

we still talk about him?

Johny Menjivar

he's good looking but when he takes off that hat, he's ugly as hell.

odd shaped head. it kills it for me every time.

that being said, who care if he is or isnt.


I have a girl...friend and she is expecting a baby!

Distant Lover

Ne-Yo, NEWS FLASH! Men can still be gay and have a pregnant girlfriend! Not saying you are, but knocking up a woman isn't an automatic disqualifier. Do you and ______ them haters!!


Just get on with your life and let people speculate all they want. Just don't lie as you will be called out for it when the truth comes out.

Mark@Mortgage Shop

He is not gay, he's just uhm girly?LOL


I place Ne-Yo in the same category as I place Tyler Perry and Usher. Both so publicly in denial that they look crazy. Like those I just mentioned, it looks like Ne-Yo is gonna spend his whole career trying to carefully orchestrate ways to validate his heterosexuality. That's tiring and pointless. The truth ALWAYS comes out. Haven't they learned anything from Terrell Carter?


You know, gay-face may not be scientific, not yet anyway, but it exists. And he's got it. Him and Trey Songz.


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