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29 July 2010



Money talks.


I agree with Pamela. Janet is being such a hypocrite and Michael is probably rolling in his grave (as much as he cherished animals and the environment).
Janet lost major points with me for this.

Just my opinion

I think Janet is still in a very precarious position right now, as she can't really say "no" to a lot of offers for fear of backlash. Blackgama might have raised all kinds of hell if Janet turned them down, and folks would instantly call her ungrateful, diva-ish, smelling herself, etc. We have to remember that Janet is still trying to get back in good graces with the mainstream, and any move she makes can be damned if she does, damned if she doesn't.

I don't recall when Janet spoke out against fur (not saying she didn't say it at all, I'm just saying I don't remember WHEN she said it), but maybe she has matured and her attitude has changed. I can see 21-year-old JJ being all animal activist, but maybe 41-year-old Janet gaining a different appreciation for it. Plus, look at the other legends in the campaign -- Diana Ross, Lena Horne, Jessye Norman, Leontyne Price and Naomi Campbell are the ONLY sistas representing, and Janet is in very rare company.


Seriously???? Let's see.....millions of people without jobs, thick layers of oil saturated along the coast, wars overseas costing young lives everyday, hungry children, sub-par education systems, middle class shrinking to an all time low..... and people are outraged about Janet in a fur ad? OHH OKAY MAKES ALOT OF SENSE (And Pamela "I made my career off of my body or the man im attached too" Anderson passing judgements on other entertainers about being greedy...RIGHT)


@ Quest:

You do Janet fans (myself included) a major disservice by trying to blame the situation on PETA and Pamela Anderson. Pam asked a legitimate question. Janet has spoken out against fur many times and why change her mind now?

And if you REALLY want to talk about "millions of people without jobs, hungry children, sub-par education systems" ... WTF is Janet doing peddling a $100,000 mink when we are in a RECESSION?

See,you really don't want to go there. Janet took the check and knew what she was getting into. And since you want to make it seem like there are bigger problems to worry about, like unemployed and poor...there are, and its very unseemly for Janet to front a fur campaign right now.

Notice that most Janet fans are keeping quiet on this one. You might want to take a clue. Love her to pieces but this was a bad move. The only thing that makes it worse are comments like yours defending a fur campaign for a brand almost none of us can afford and saying critics should worry about poverty and unemployment. smh


It's amazing how some people talk as though they know the whole back story on why Janet did what she did. She could have given the money to charity or something like that afterwards but know one would know because she doesn't feel the need to tell people. Peta is a great organization but I don't think that just someone does something that they don't like that they have to go and attack them. That just makes some people dislike them even more. Janet may have spoken out against fur in the past but I also thought this was a country in where one could change their minds and do what they want.

Former COGIC

Srsly? "Millions of people without jobs, thick layers of oil saturated along the coast, poverty.." and Janet Jackson is selling luxury furs? That NONE of you can afford?

Quest and Jai, you sound like deluded stans. Principles are important in life and apparently you have none. This is NOT about Peta or Pam Anderson. It's about Janet Jackson, who has made no public comment about this but is obviously cashing a very hefty check.

Jai, hun, a charity donation? Janet has millions. If she wants to donate to charity, she can write a check or throw a benefit, like the fabulous work she does for Aids and Amfar. She didnt do this to give the money to environmentalists or animal rights activists.

" I also thought this was a country in where one could change their minds" LOlz especially when a check is involved

I love me some Janet, love me some Janet...but like Rod said this was not really something she needed to do. It comes across as very Marie Antoinette, the country is facing hard times, so are many of her fans, and JJ pimps fur.

I can look over that...Janet has raised lots of money for AIDS... but even more tragic are the low income stans defending the right to wear half million dollar exotic furs and sell them to rich white people, bourgey blacks, rappers and drug dealers. And let's face it ... Blackglama was looking for a BLACK fgace because they know black folks will spend their last dime or borrow thousands to buy some clothes.


JaiHo26, what backstory could there possibly be? You say that she could have given the check to another organization as if Janet Jackson needed BLACKGAMA's check to fund her charities. Please, Janet isn't broke and certainly didn't need BLACKGAMA to write her a check. The picture speaks a thousand words. She's wearing fur with a big ole smile on her face. Come on, I am a fan of hers but even I call her out on her bullsh*t when I sees it.

She has spoken positively about gay rights in the past, would you be okay if she "changed" her mind and condemned gays to hell? "This is a country where one could change their minds and do what they want"...Your words, not mine.


As a Janet fan and a pet owner who is old enough to agree that we don't know the whole story whatever it may be AND there are MORE pressing issues to be concerned with, I am amazed that this is even news. Janet didn't lose any points with me because I don't expect her to always make a decision that I agree with. And her fans were not silent on this one if you read her fan pages. Love my pets and Janet, still....


I say go for it Janet! When did she ever speak against fur? She wears them all of the time!

What amazes me is the amount of people who are quick to state their disappointment with her. So what! The day we do not use animals for our garments and meals I will be upset with someone who wears fur. The same people are eating everything and wearing everything.

Pam Anderson's trashy tail should be the last one to pass judgment on anyone. What a waste of time.


@ Fred
So now the Gay community is on the same level and people wearing fur? This is why people need to think before they speak. We always have something to say. Sometimes we need to enjoy the photo and the fur. Most are upset because they wish it were them in the fur!


"Waste of time" "More important things to discuss"

No, it's not a waste of time to discuss. If she took the check, posed in the ad and its about to run, that's called NEWS.

But yeah, there are more important topics going on right now...there was important research on HIV prevention at the AIDS conference....ACLU filed a lawsuit against Hawaii...ENDA is stuck in Congress...more hate crimes against gays.

Unfortunately NONE of you comment in stories like that. I haven't seen any of your names. But any time there is a celebrity story (Tyler Perry, Janet, etc), queens come out of the woodwork to comment and try to shade at anyone who isnt a stan.

Sorry, but the recession is the worst since the 1970s and millions of black people are suffering the most. Janet Jackson becoming the spokesperson for luxury furs during this time is not a good look.


She looks amazing! Loved it when Miss Horne, Miss Ross, and when Miss Leontyne Price did the ads. Sorry folks. When I was a kid it was one of the true signs that a black person (woman) had made it. "What becomes a legend most?" I'm not really a fur person but I love those ads. I'm not even sure how much revenue is really generated from those ads. I know it's not pc but I don't care much for the tactics of PETA. Don't care...

Pamela Anderson through body mutilation and promoting her image as a human trampoline is some fine spokes person. She's done way more to damage the image and self esteem of women then any Blackglama ad could do to hurt cats or dogs.


@ Freeleo:

Janet's image is fabulous, no doubt. And the Lena Horne and Diana Ross images were iconic. But they were 20 or 30 years ago. Society's attitudes toward fur, fashion and animals has changed significantly in the past generation.

And no offense, but why are you and others getting personal and slamming Pam Anderson? She's not really my cup of tea but at least she's trying to fight for something socially responsible. I am a Janet Jackson fan too, but we really dont want to talk about plastic surgery and showing off a body to sell a record or a movie. Janet looks good...but only a fool would believe hasnt gone under the knife.

This isnt a dealbreaker for me. I'll still buy Janet's records. But she has gone back on her word about fur. The attitudes of some her fans/stans (and black people) is sad, because its not about "hate' or jealousy or looking good. I'm a Janet fan, but won't cosign everything she does and attack people who criticize some of her actions on principle.

And sorry to be the one to say this, but I sincerely doubt JJ would do this if Michael were alive.


@ Rob, ummm, I made my statement clearly and thought it through. I am not equating gay rights with animal abuse, I was merely stating that Janet Jackson has spoken out about these important issues that supposedly meant alot to her in the past. Everyone has the right to change their minds, it's a free country, but fans who buy her music and go to her concerts have the right to state their disappointment and displeasure as well. It's a two way street. I would be saying the same thing if it had been Betty White wearing fur in the BlackGama ad, knowing her track record on animal rights.


I don't know what the fuss is about. First, BlackGama is trade group of Mink Farmers...It isn't like the animal was hunted out in the wild, skinned and placed on the market. In fact, according to Wikipedia, 1) the minks are raised to be skinned and 2) the mink farmers follows the American Veterinary Medical Association's Report on Euthanasia guidelines when "farming" the fur. Moreover, I don't know how many of us here are vegetarian or vegan, but, in reality, the same thing happen when eat any piece of meat.

Personally, I'm conflicted on the usage of fur this day and age. For us in the developed world, it isn't really necessary. Also, there is an argument that could be made that the resources used to farm mink could be delegated to more purposeful things. However, we do live in a capitalist society...and from what I can tell, I don't think the mink came from a bad source. Then, one have to take in to account that the mink farmers have to make a living, too....


I think Janet can wear whatever she wants and people will have a say if she didn't wear it so who cares. She loves animals and always have. Peta folks are crazy because they put there own beliefs on others and then try to scorn them What if Peta was against BLACKS OR GAYS would some of you be putting your hat in the ring to support them. They can do what they do on their own accord but do not have no right to try and make Janet feel bad for wearing a fur coat. Get over it already. She has done more for charitable causes than Peta will ever do. I swear some folks care more about animals than HUMAN BEINGS AND THAT IS THE DAMN PROBLEM WITH THIS COUNTRY. If you don't like fur then don't wear them. Your part in the fight has been done!!

Curt Curt

Get ready because it's coming fast......First and foremost Janet is probably one of the biggest animal lovers on the planet. Secondly, she is doing Blackgama campaign because of the many powerful and talented women that did the campaign before her. Just to name a few Audrey, Liz and Diana.
Now that this incredibly beautiful and talented Black woman is getting up in age, she is now starting to sit back and reap the benefits of all the hardwork, skill and God-giving talent that she has displayed over the years.
Every chance people get they are out to get this girl, I just don't get it.
Honey, Ms. Janet is amazing and always has been. I was watching a repeat of one of my favorite shows in the world, Sex and The City and this one episode every main character on the show had something fur draped over them. The same episode Carrie's(SJP)and a politican (Politico) were making out in a coat-check with nothing but furs hanging up on hangers.
I don't remember the girls from SITC getting all the hype that Ms. Janet is now getting. I'm the biggest fan of the old movies and those women in movies, at premires and a few fabulous men had furs, and diamonds for days. Innocent, all-american shows and movies would show women with furs on every chance they got. I love Pam and I really do but she needs to back off Janet because they are both women of a certain age trying to make some movies in this youth-geared entertainment business. Pam seems to forget that she was probably the best on Dancing With The Stars but most of America's housewives are the voting public and they find her and all her exploits to be trashy and they find her to be tasteless. Playboy might be a lifestyle but it's not everyone's lifestyle. Me personally I love Pam but she is after my #1 girl besides my momma and that is Ms. Janet.
Besides I have seen Pam in leather (Barb Wire) and she might be a vegan but she is down with meat (men). PETA is on this hunt for Ms. Janet and I dare them to roll up on her like they do other celebrities and try to throw something, they might get hurt. Jackson's might be soft-spoken but still she is a bit crazy and is Black too. Don't let the smooth taste fool you. I think Janet doesn't mind opening up a can of whimp-ass on some people and especially those folks that value the life of animals over humans. I'm not going to say I don't understand because I do but this is a bit outrageous.
I had a friend in middle school and her dad was a child-molesting freak and he wouldn't pay for his daughter, who he destroyed, to go to college but would donate 1,000 to saving whales. He was a part of that organization PETA and I thought he was a bit disturb. I'm going to say it once and that is Janet did the campaign because finally she is feeling so worthy of being considered a legend and icon. Media people and even a few ex-fans have thrown this incredible talent and gift to the world of entertainment, under the bus and this was any chance they got. She is Black, beautiful and gifted and no one can take that from her. Leave her alone.

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