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06 July 2010



I must admit, I've NEVER heard of these guys until I read about them on this site. And, quite honestly, ONLY read about them on THIS site.


@ Smith:

i like the fact that Rod has international news. my impression is there are many readers in other countries. and it exposes me to something new.

but what other sites do you read?
ghetto black gossip blogs that talk about Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce all day? or ghetto black gay gossip sites that talk about Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce all day?



I like JLS. The boys are cute and I get into the fact that they have a more mature and European attitude toward gays and gay fans. They play at gay clubs, talk to gay mags and flirt with gay fans. American black male singers almost never do that.

Smith: "And, quite honestly, ONLY read about them on THIS site. "

There are a lot of things that I ONLY read about on THIS site. Like HIV rates for young black gay men, hate crimes against black trans women and attacks on black gays in Africa. There are two stories here today about Africa. Methinks you thought that was "shade" but it really shows your iognorance.


@Moore and Alex

Agree 100%! Perfectly articulated comebacks.

I love these guys, especially Marvin and JB...sigh...


Yay finally a JLS feature! Love the music video love the photoshoot minus Oritsé's low cut shirt and love the live performance minus the obvious lip syncing. Their album is really good too I have it on constant rotation.


SNOOZE! Very Destiny's Child Jumping Jumping. Love the international news on the blogs and YES outside of the USA most heterosexual men aren't spending a lot of their time thinking being blatantly and vehemently homophobic.


Frankly - their music is unmitigated trash. But lord and buddha - JB is GORGEOUS.


I'm glad that most ppl are either into Aston, Marvin or JB... That means I get to keep Oritsé all to myself! HAHAHAHAH! Now let me enjoy my lil moment LOL :)

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