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05 July 2010



Republicans "still have time to make cases against Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Gandhi."

LMAO!!!! That cought me off guard.


During the hearings, it seemed that the Republicans’ chief complaint about Thurgood Marshall was that he was “out of the mainstream.”

I suspect Clarence Thomas is out of the mainstream. He thinks it’s OK to execute the mentally retarded, it’s OK to execute children, and he goes to a church where they talk in tongues. But these Republican senators love him.

The problem with Marshall is that he believed in justice. Although the Republicans managed to make “empathy” a bad word in the Sotomayor hearings, they haven’t quite twisted the American mind enough yet to make “justice” a bad word. So, they can’t just come out and say, “Marshall was an enemy of America because he believed in justice.”

But they are working hard to get to the day when they can be that brazen.

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