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01 July 2010


Face and Waist

wow. sensitive much, tyler?
tyler perry is not using to being publicly criticized by black folks. and mcgruder LET HAVE in that episode, going in on what we all talk about.

and its just a cartoon, get over it gurl!


Tyler will be fine! You've got to take the good with the bad. I agree with Rod though, he should have at least been warned, but oh well. Still love his work!

... oh and I still think the message in the show was homophobic and dangerous.


If I was Tyler I would give TBS my azz to kiss. I found the show to be very offensive, homophobic, anti-religion and downright nasty.

AJ Terrel

yeah they probably should have warned him.

but honestly, the only jokes that hurt, are the ones that hit too close to home. if he was really secure, he'd say, yeah that was a little deep. but you know what, that aint me.

honestly he might be famous, but severing ties with TBS could be bad for him. Because not many stations have black shows in their line up, and they aren't even looking to add them.


I'm glad he threatened them. He is finding out how much power he has. He has let a number of things go, but if you don't ever stand up for anything people will continue to take shots at you all the time for no reason.

Yes, it a cartoon, but it is also very strong social commentary that quite a number of people watch and follow. One must still fight homophobia and hate wherever it is. Within our community and outside it. If it was a white cartoon, most of us would have a problem with it. It is good to say something now so that others don't take and run with it into other arenas (anti-black/anti-gay/anti-church, ect.).


Lol, I think this is so funny, lol.-QH

Toddy English

He's reacting so strongly because he KNOWS it's true.
Gwarl, get over yourself. It was all in fun...lol


Considering that Cartoon Network caved in during the Boondocks' previous season and never aired the two episodes that made fun of BET, I believe we'll never see that episode again on CN.


Wow, Tyler is pullin' a 'Tom Cruise' who threatened South Park when the cartoon spoofed him as a closet case. When anything chips away at a celebrity's glass closet, that's when the big guns and the lawyers come out swinging.


Tyler....if u do read this. I was in shock when i saw the show my myself and a Gay man it is a important for u to know that this not dictate who u are a man. Gay or STRAIGHT. U are aint a point your life where people are stay and do things to hurt u, but if u are correct this will not matter! Trust in God to help u through this......


yeah, A.J.. I think it hit too close to home. "I on the otherhand agree with Mr. McGruder... I knew he was *sweet* when I first seen him outta his Madea character. He looked as if he was acting."

Poetik DopeShiitology

hahhaah too funny...move on Tyler


Some of you all wanna lick Tyler's wounds, but I don't even feel sorry for him.....plus the way he's acting right now is ridiculous. McGruder only said what we ALL say about Tyler everytime we see him. My problem with Tyler is that he treats people as if they are dumb. If you are a closet case, don't go around pretending you are looking for a wife and taking pictures with women and saying that's your girl when even the picture says that's a lie. Don't play with people's intelligence. Jut say nothing if you don't want people to know, but don't fake it. People respect you less for that. Ya'll think the staright community is feeling sorry for Tyler right now? No! They aren't! Many of them are saying that it's about time someone pointed it out and that they already knew this about Tyler.

Rodney B

As my grandma told me as a child “A hit dog will holler”. So by Tyler throwing a hissy fit, this means that Aaron spoke truth about in his satire of Tyler Perry and his work.

Personally I saw the show and couldn’t stop laughing. I know people who have worked and currently work with Tyler or “Mr. Perry” as he instructs you to call him at the studio and they said it was dead on.

And for the record, whether or not you care, Tyler Perry is very gay and anyone who believes otherwise is very naive!

AJ Terrel

I don't understand why people feel sorry for him. Honestly, He's not a baby. he is a grown man. if he doesn't like what McGruder Said about "him" in a show, he can get over it. Because as much as it made fun of him. it made fun of the legions who follow him. myself included.

I think it's unfair for people to think McGruder is a hater. He's famous and might not be as rich as Tyler. but honestly. McGruder doesn't say what people want to hear, he says his opinion on the political and what black culture is.

Stop acting like that man is a freaking pillow. he can bounce back. he's got millions, and he's starting to become a real director moving out of his own movies and actually directing something that has more substance than Jesus will fix it by sending a man. (where are the movies where she can get by on Jesus alone?)

I'm just saying. McGruder wrote a SATIRE. it's going to hurt some feelings because people will think it's true.

would it be a satire if the character was a real life gay black man. if he was respectable and not sex driven. and not crazy?

NO. it has to be exaggerated to make a point.

I wanna hear McGruder on the subject because Tyler's Hurt feelings mean nothing to me, unless McGruder says he was wrong, or that he stepped over the line. If he wants to stand by his commentary and art. then I'm respecting that man.


@ Rodney: u are right on it!! Tyler has gotten in the heads of church folk and I'm sure he will lean on them to comfort him right now, but Aaron told the truth. Plain and simple. And Tyler isn't the first one to get this and he won't be the last.


Oh Tyler girl please. Get over yourself.

He is a celebrity and has created movies and plays and puts himself out there. It's totally fine to lampoon him.

And Marcel: Anti-religion and homophobic? Surely you're one of those church queens. Tyler Perry says he is NOT GAY. So how is it "homophobic"? The cartoon didnt slam all gay men, it slammed a CHARACTER who is not real who claims to be straight and "saved" but is really gay. And the church let's him get away with it because he keeps saying "Jesus."

I guess that struck a nerve huh?


The Truth Hurts!
Tyler must be his own PR team, because he is definitely creating BAD press for himself. Every other celebrity that Boondocks has lampooned moved on. All he had to do was put out a statement regarding the episode and kept it moving. But like the drama queen he is proving himself to be, he got all bent out of shape.

Moreover, Perry needs to realize that criticism and mockery comes with the territory. He can't go around muscling and strong-arming everyone that criticizes his work or life decisions. Sociopaths never like to see accurate descriptions of themselves. Move on TP.


Ms. Perry needs to have a seat. If it wasn't true she would have easily let it go. Don't go around spillin' your OWN tea. The Boondocks is satire and it does nothing but hold up a mirror to society. It wouldn't be offensive if there wasn't any truth to it.


He is acting just like BET did ..makes me wonder if Aaron hit a true nerve. Tyler please put on your big man draws and deal or do I need to channel Riley and start wondering if your gay or not?


I'm feeling a bit mixed on this. Yes, I saw the episode and thought it was hysterical and definitely some truth to it but for those who didn't see it, I don't want to blast spoilers here but the Winston Jerome character did something offensive towards the end of the show that "tarnished" his authority as a successful black mogul. If that happened to me or anyone on this board, we would be calling our attorneys immediately. Perhaps that made Tyler Perry uneasy. Not so much the whole if he's gay or not. It's whether or not he does what Winston Jerome does to his co-stars in his plays and films. Just food for thought here.......


"The lady doth protest too much, methinks."


Alright. This is getting a wee bit ridiculous. It seems to me, on this blog, if you are a celebrity and someone insults you, you're supposed to just sit there and take it. Y'all know good and well that if someone was saying S^%$ about you, y'all would be ready to knock someone out. And, No, I'm not talking to everyone on here, just the ones who wanna talk like they wouldn't be slightly offended. REMEMBER: These folks maybe celebrities, but above all else they're human. We all have our boiling points and Tyler's was reached.


..."the rocky horror picture show" inspired part of the episode when gramps enters the mansion inside the compound was funnnnny....

@McWheels "if you are a celebrity and someone insults you, you're supposed to just sit there and take it?" Not take it, but take it in stride, or else you'd be fighting your detractors all the time and have nothing left for your craft...and it works both ways, I mean, if you are a celebrity just because someone is a fan and 'loves' do you owe them a piece of ass because of it? Not, same about wanting to knock out your critics even if you feel they deserve it for pissing you way off...

It's a TOUGH business requiring very thick skin! No pun intended hun....


Plenty of celebrities have been lampooned by South Park, for instance, and have "let it go". And I wonder if the reaction would be as intense if they had only insulted the quality of his films and left the 'speculation' about his sexuality out of it.

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