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30 July 2010



Just reading about this make my stomach turn...the sheriff department just sat her out there @ 12:30 midnight without anything?

I don't understand it. Don't these people have daughters, nieces, granddaughters, female cousins etc and would they want one of their female family member to be release @ 12:30 midnight without anything?

The world would be a better place if people just took the time out and think about the various possibilities and consequences of their actions.

Taylor Siluwé

I didn't know the details of this case 'til now.

My first thought is how reminiscent her being released at an odd hour and utterly helpless is to the infamous case of the Mississippi civil rights workers who were also released late - right into the hands of the Klan.

Strange case indeed ....


They were not trying to find her, they aren't trying to find her they are not trying to do their job. Too bad she's not some blond prom queen. She would have been found and home safe and sound a long time ago, hate to say it and I don't like pulling the race card but that's what this really looks like.

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