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15 July 2010



The only reason the tea party exists is because Obama is President. Once another white man is elected they won't have a reason to continue.


...This story has been bubbling to the top of the news cycle now for a minute...it's really annoying for me...we need to come up with a whole 'nother dialogue for race in this country, the continuous misunderstandings, red herrings and purposeful politicization of race are unacceptable. Now we have crap (IMO) like Fox News, (Fake News, again IMO), ratcheting up a certain portion of the population, but sadly they are only saying to these folks what they know they WANT to hear...Lately, all I can bring myself to respond when asked or talking about the tea partiers, M. Bachmann, M. Malkin, S. Palin, G. Beck, R. Limbaugh, B. O'Reily, A. Coultler, S. Hannity etc. is, what if the tea party was Black? Somehow I don't think the country's response or Law enforcement's reaction would be the same in the way this group's anger has been justified....correct me if I'm wrong....I could go on, but whatever, the s**t is so stale...!


don't worry about the Teas, their 'lil cocks will come home to roost.


This is why I worry about the possibility of someone like Sarah Palin assuming a position of power. No one seems to take it seriously, but her and her racist constituents generate a lot of support from the ass backwards people that follow them. I don't think we should take them lightly. We should speak up and combat it, so to speak. I applaud the NAACP for finally calling the pig a pig.


If the tea party were black they would go the way of the black panthers (extinct). Gotta love white privilege in America.


These are the most UN-AMERICAN people in America. I CAN STAND their thirsty as*es. They need to be extinct like the dinosaurs they are...

Black Pegasus

If they want their country back, I say let them try and take it!!

It will be a Cold Day in Hell before I sit by and allow this country to return back to the days of old. This is what these Racist Clowns want.

We can beat if we simply show up at the polls..Problem Solved


Show up at the polls!! Please..This is some serious sh-t..

Distant Lover

I agree with DWJazzlover, we showed up at the polls in November 2008 and you saw what happened. The Tea Party happened. These people will escalate into violence if they are not appeased and you can't reason with unreasonable people. These people are trying to return this country back to the 'good ole days' when stringing up Nigras was a national pastime. If we just dismiss these violently deranged people as just ass-backward buffoons, we are inviting disaster. It just takes one of these buffoons to endanger the life of our President and when you have self-aggrandizing, race-baiting asswipes like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachman, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh and Uncle Tom puppets such as Michael Steele and Alan Keyes stoking the fires of these rednecks, you are inviting a disaster of monumental proportions.We need to nip this sh*t in the bud now. If you hurl racist and violent threats against our President, the Secret Service needs to lock you up ASAP, and if you show up anywhere near our President with a loaded firearm, you need to wind up in the morgue. And if something bad happens, charge the Sarah Palins, Rush Limbaughs, and Glenn Becks with conspiracy and treason because they are inviting disaster with their irresponsible, divisive and racist rhetoric. It's time for the gloves to come off people and fight fire with fire!

alicia banks

u rock globetrotter!...kudos!!!

this sign u posted is profound

racists are everywhere...ie all over congress!...

this is the only real issue for the racists that do not rep the entire tea party

hobama has made MOST people of ALL races SO poor that they do feel like slaves/"niggers"




Steele gives new meaning to self loathing and cowardice.


But there are Good, none-angry Republicans out there of good will...here's one a lot of people are looking to to make moves. He strikes you as not being an angry Republican.


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