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30 July 2010


AJ Terrel

i sure hope so too, I haven't gone there yet! I wanna go there and be among the ranks of great black lgbt peoples to undergo this rite of passage

Doug Cooper Spencer

The Starlight is one of me and hubby's favorite neighborhood hangouts whenever we're in Brooklyn. I use a scene 'based' on it in my upcoming novel, 'Leaving Gomorrah'. This so sad. Like my husband said. "And there's no one to respect the history of the Starlight".


Wish I got to comment on this earlier so more people see it,.I haven't kept up with the blog since I'm at the Gay Games, (Rod you should be here!)

I'm gonna miss Starlite, I'll check them out in the future in their new version, whatever that may be, new space, party, etc, but it will never be the same.

Though in all of this, I hope the take home message is "Own your sh*t." Upon hearing of this news my good friend NateHomieCambell said, "wow. that's sad, but they've been there since the 60's and never thought to buy the building?"

It's a really rough lesson for people, but one we as a community need to learn. Renting is not the answer. I understand buying a building can be difficult and intimidating, but really, in 40 years, if they saved 1 dollar a day, they would have had enough for a down payment on the place, having been in business for that long, they could have gotten a mortgage, ya know?

Hopefully other businesses like these who have been renting, begin to turn their efforts and profits, however slim, toward owning their sh*t.

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