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17 July 2010



I mean seriously dude. you are talking about two of the dumbest black people on the planet. they are on the view because they dont have any depth. No substance what so ever. Its like Stephen A Smith talking sports when he never played any sports in his life

Kevin Perez

Awful, simply awful! Worse is that people will believe this sh*t, when they can easily "get the facts" but refuse to do so 'cuz they'll believe ANYTHING NEGATIVE pertaining to LGBT.

Black Pegasus

This decision by ABC simply means that not enough people were OUTRAGED by DL 'ghey' Hugley and Sherri 'dumbo' Shepperd's lies and propaganda. Sure, some of us fired off an email here or there, but after the dust settled, ABC and the View quietly returned to business as usual.

Someone commented on another blog that Shepperd is just a dumb bag of rocks who'll never give Gays the validation they seek, nor will she ever give Black Women anything to be proud of. So lets just see her for what she is; A DUMB FAT MISERABLE BISH who will always use others as a scapegoat for her own problems and misconceptions.

Having said that; Lets continue to CALL HER OUT when she says something Dangerous and Inflammatory.

All the women love my pork rinds

I agree with everything the posters above me have stated. Let me add one thing. As much as I dislike the opinions of DL and Sherri on this matter, I realize that most of Black America shares their views. It's a sad, but true reality. To be honest, white America agress with it too, especially considering the fact that her royal majesty Oprah was the one who really got these lies started (think about her shows discussing the topic as well as the interivew with JL King about his book). Let me take it one step further: white gay men believe this crap about black gay men as well.



As a woman (and lesbian) I disagree w/ this statement here. We can disagree with her without resorting to using fat and the modified b*tch as epithets to get the damn point. Her weight's got jack crap to do with her idiotic and non-factual based rants on "The View" (a show I'm glad I never watched).


Ok I am a white gay man and I don't believe it.


the lies promoted by these two airheads is more comforting to their female audience than dealing with the facts that African American women continue to not use condoms when having sex with men period.

David Brown

I always thought that DL H was gay or bi just look it him lol.

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