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07 July 2010


Black Pegasus

Yes indeed!!

I already gave the business about Miss Perry on another blog, so I won't do it here...

**but I will say: 1990s, Club Wolfendales, New Orleans, North Rampart Street **

Rings a bell Miss Perry?

*rolls eyes*


Well at least he addressed the rumors. Glad he didn't fire his staff over this. It aint worth it. I'm looking forward to the Colored Girls movie.... hope he doesn't mess it up.

Still could care less if he's gay or not.


Black Pegasus: On what other blog did you give Tyler Perry "the business"? We wish to read this. Thank you.

AJ Terrel

I'd love more information. I'm sure that there is some truth to some of those rumors. He must have lost his shit in some way because if he hadn't we wouldn't have heard that he did. But I'm glad he's got sense enough not to make too many comments.


I couldn't agree with you more Isis.

I'm not sure what Aaron Mcgruder's deal is but the very next episode of Boondocks to air was one about the fear of being anally raped in prison. Also the way he has one of his characters always sum up any form of vulnerability by saying, "dat's gay" is irksome. I'm sensing a theme. He also has a bad case of "ni@@a turrets" which is also exhausting.


The episode about anal rape has already aired. Aaron McGruder is exercising his 1st Amendment right just like anyone else in entertainment. He makes fun of pop culture just like any other institution like SNL, Mad TV, The Simpsons, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, American Dad and many others.


NO TEA, NO SHADE....but a question? Didn't Tyler's 'inspiration' and a large basis for his career making character, Madea, come from some popular DQ's act out of the ATL gay bars? Also wouldn't he have had to tread that turf and partake of the gay culture to catch said DQ's act to have been able to 'borrow' from her? Now, we know everyone who goes to a gay bar is not gay, but then OTOH can't be surprised when they appear suspect to others...Cats are not the only curious creatures, if you catch my drift....What's the tea girls? SPILL...


It took Ricky Martin to say he was gay before I believed it. When he told Barbara Walters he didn't want to discuss it then I just thought that was the end of that. I have since learned my lesson.


Back down Memory Lane @ Woofendales in the '90's!!!


That DQ would be the popular Miss Sophia. Miss Sophia actually spoke on-air about their friendship a few years back when she was a weekday morning entertainment reporter on Atlanta's V-103 hip hop station. She talked about how year's before TP caught her Monday night shows at Traxx, liked her comedy act, and promised to write plays for her. To make a long story short, TP made plays for "Madea" instead. Miss Sophia is no longer on V-103, but she stopped taking potshots at TP a while ago. You see, TP wisely placed Miss Sophia (out of drag) in his movie "I Can Do Bad By Myself".


(1) Tyler Perry has certainly created a deep well of resentment among many, many people. And rightly so.
(2) Aaron McGruder seems to have some serious, deep and unresolved issues. His work shows no signs of peace of mind.

Buddy Love

Aaron McGruder is fixated on butt sex and dl men. Tyler Perry aint bothering no one and although I think he is gay, why it matters escapes me since he really isnt my type. Unless you are the woman trying to have his baby you really should mind yo bizness. LOL


McGruder certainly has the right to make fun of whomever he wants to under the First Amendment. Others have the right to critique his humor because of that very same First Amendment. In the free marketplace of ideas, I hope that what is right and makes sense will prevail in the minds of people.


Tyler Perry really is too much. He wants people to NOT think he's gay and he goes off and does sh!t like this. TAKE A JOKE! LINK



I saw ur link and that was funny!!!


Thanks Isaac

I thought a good cartoon should be shown in memory of such a great Boondocks episode


Georgia Peach

Interesting this comment thread isn't 50 or 60 comments. I guess all of Tyler Perry's DL closet fanboys demanding a suit last week (as if lol) didn't realize a lawsuit is the LAST thing Tyler Perry wants right one.

All those people who used to see him at Traxx and Wolfendales, all those boys who he has invited up to Alpharetta, a certain ex BF driving around ATL in a Benz ... nope, a lawsuit is the LAST thing Tyler Perry would want.


Thanks SouthernIvy, I thought that was Miss Sophia in I Can Do Bad All By Myself. When I first heard that voice before they showed him, I was like "I know that voice!" Then I got confused when I saw him and when I read the closing credits. But that voice is unmistakable!! I thought It would be either a woman or a gay man. I see it was version of both. I love Miss Sophia. Tyler is smart. That's one way to keep people's mouths closed. Hire them so they can make money for themselves.

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