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05 July 2010



I really appreciate the way she handled that none judgmental and with compassion.

Mark N.

I love sisters, and brothers too like that. Offering good advice no matter who the person is.


rod thank you for posting this, i was in an abusive relationship for a few years and i read something you posted once and it gave me the push i needed to get out. bless this police officer and i hope this young man can get out like i did.


How sweet.. And despite what people think there a many in Memphis wouldve responded the way she did. Reminds me of my mom. Lol I don't watch the show, but I may tune in for a few episodes after seeing this.


The Police officer was too cool!


If only every cop were like this one.

Bless Officer Joy Jefferson.


Joy Jefferson is a beautiful woman inside and out! Thanks for this!

I hope the victim gets the help he need and never deals with that evil bastard of a boyfriend again!


Good job Officer Jefferson. We need more like you.

I wonder if there is any correlation to dudes in our community seeking "masculine" men, relating dressing in "thug drag" to being masculine and the selection of ones partner, that turns out to also be violent and chooses to stay.


Love does not Hurt!!!!!!!!


Wow, the officer was so professional and caring - striaght (no pun) to the point.
I hope that the guy does not fall back into a relationship with the offender - beginning with "i am sorry" letters from prison.


opps, "straight"

kacey vest

i have nothin but respect for the way the officer handled the situation she was calm and she offered great advise 2 the victim
she was non judgemental about the whole thang i just hope slim finds tru love and don't reenter the relationship 5 yrs is def long ago....


This clip makes me want to watch the show I didn't even know it existed. I will be catching it the next time it comes on


Always balanced posting. Thanks Rod for educating us.


There is also a lesbian cop on the show. This particular officer JOY has also dealt with 2 trans women that were being harassed by some young men.


I love this show! Thats right the other sister on the show Viginia Awkward talked about her partner. In the last episode there was a similar case involving females where the former girlfriend shot the new girlfriend. The white female officer was also sympathetic. All the officers are awsome.

Ryan Canty

I love this show and she was ON POINT and direct as usual.

and yes he need to get rid of that no good man and clean up and start anew...

though, y'all KNOW he probably won't and will be waiting for Pookie-Quan when he get out of jail...


pierre johnson

Maybe the abuser boyfriend was on drugs but it is no excuse.


"This situation is just like every another domestic abuse situation!"

This officer should be nominated by US for commendation! She was professional as well as warm and accomodating to the victim of the crime. She really deserves to be lauded by us, as a police woman of color, she acted with the greatest level of professionalism, poise and COMPASSION!


Officer Jefferson deserves a citation for excellent work!

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