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15 July 2010



Congratulations Argentina! I've long considered Buenos Aires one of my top cities to live if I left NYC,..now there's even more reason,..hopefully we'll get the share the celebration in the US sooner than later.


OT, but I wonder if anyone besides myself noticed that the two countries that made it into the World Cup finals, Spain and the Netherlands, both allow gay marriage. Was their participation in the final of the most popular sporting event in the world God’s punishment for their iniquity?

And the country that held the World Cup, South Africa, also allows gay marriage. But the event was a great success! Where were the earthquakes, the giant dust storms down from the Kalahari, the tsunamis in Capetown and Durban?

Was God even paying attention? Or does He prefer the violence of American football?


Such WONDERFUL News! Congratulations to Argentina!

@ Jim, you really do have a point with that! I didn't even think of that AT ALL!


I'm so happy for the LGBT community in Argentina! It was probably one of the most fantastic moments in their lives.


Fabulous news Argentina! Congrats. Hopefully the 45 states in this country that have yet to come around will catch up to you guys.

Kevin Perez

I wish I could be happy like everybody else but I honestly wish it was Brazil or Mexico. The largest Spanish speak nation and the largest nation in Latin America.


why not start with argentina. that is a huge accomplishment in their own right and great for them for recognizing justice for all. brazil and mexico just need to catch up. no shade just get the work done.

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