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19 July 2010


Derrick from Philly

You know, every culture has its version of "what goes around comes around"--but, Lord, why is this EVIL mudder fudder still here? He should be in his grave by now...the mudder fudder

Cocoa Rican

Laughable...folks interpret scripture as they see fit. If the U.S. wasn't so anti-gay in its policies I would say we should cut-off aid and communication to many of the backward African nations. Like I always quote, "evil will see itself and it will die." It's good that Americans can see and hear how ignorant this hate speech is, so that they can recognize it in their own daily opinions.


It is very interesting that he uses the Bible to support polygamy. Correct me if I am wrong but Solomon also had slaves and concubines and he was not reprimanded by God for that. Does that mean that slavery should also be allowed in the Zimbabwean constitution? Just thinking out loud.

Another thing to note: western homophobes disagree with their African counterparts when it comes to polygamy.


A disgusting human being.


Why is Mugabe apologizing to dogs? Apparently he is too stupid to figure out that some dogs are gay too.

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