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25 August 2010


Grambling State

wow no one has nothing to say?
i guess if it's not DL, Fantasia or Tyler Perry, they're speechless.

well i'll say something. i knew durand, not well but i knew him by face and casually. he was a great guy and i hate this happened to him. r.i.p durand.

Rodney B

Wow. I'm just getting word of this and I live in the ATL. I'm not a big club hopper and all but I'll be damned.

Outside of Chicago, these young black men in the ATL are damn near losing their minds.

I think it was a car jacking to say the least. I didn't know him personally but i knew lots of folks who did and he was far from confrontational so this is just sad.

And just a week before Black Pride here. What a shame!


Such a tragedy.

C. McCall

Unexpected and sad... my prayers to his family and close friends. He will be missed immensely, here in Atlanta.


God My God...This is so heartbreaking.My prayers and condolences go out to his family and close friends.

I hope they find this sack of sh*t who did this!


WOW. Mr. Durand was part of and created the largest Black Pride in the world and this feature has not received tons of comments and concern. What is really going on? We should be marching and holding vigils in his honor - really it is in our own honor. This man put Black Gay Pride on the map.

God bless Mr Durand, his family and loves one.

I am guessing this was not a carjacking.


my prays go out to mr durand and his family. i hope he's at peace and happy in haven forever


My prays go out to Mr.Durand and his family.I hope he's at peace and happy in heaven forever

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