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31 August 2010



Those self hating black gay Republicans are a mess!

And his family worked for Ken Blackwell? And he is boasting about it? Muthafricka!


black gay republicans in dc = voracious bottoms for conservative and racist white gay men


I've met so many Black Gay Republicans in DC and their views are highly warped.

Steve R

Marc Morgan is typical of the black gay GOP apparatchiks in Washington. They have little sense of racial pride and no sense of irony that their chosen party hates their color and sexuality. Thankfully Morgan has little chance of winning, he is just the party picked candidate, probably being groomed for a position in the party or on TV.


just because you don't like his politics stop speculating and fictionalizing this man's personal life! you have no idea who he is sleeping with! and stop assuming what position he prefers in bed!

i hope you are happy now rod...your consistent derisive tone of all things republican and mocking all gay republicans has polluted this formerly occasionally interesting blog. Zzzz -RM


and let me also say hat you chose to focus on the fact that mr. morgan is black, the washington post only identified him as gay. you researched this man and looked up his website and facebook. clearly you hate black gay republicans. Zzzz -RM


…clearly you hate black gay republicans.

Never as much as they hate themselves.


GBM and others like him are roaming the landscape seeking whom they might lap up. They party which they so loudly defend don't want them and at best, use them for their own political gain. The lack of self-worth is shameful. Rod is being kind in his response, others, like myself have no respect for them.


GBM I'm still amazed at how you expect people to be so respectful of the GOP when they show absolutely NO respect to gays or blacks.

Black Pegasus


Lawd Habb Mercy on these pathetic queens!

Mystic Stranger

I have never met a black gay GOP member in DC ... ever. Interesting. Gotta agree with the above poster though - not sure if his political views are any indication of his taste in men, as plenty of black Dems in DC are voracious bottoms for white dudes too - and a whole lot of other men for that matter ...


Go ahead and mock me all you want Rod. At least I don't have a plantation mentality like "my Democrat "brothas"!

Derrick from Philly


I think it's up to the Republican Party to show black people what it may offer them. It is not up to black people to investigate what the Republcians have to offer. You see, it was the Republican Party that made a choice in the late 1960s & 70s to turn its back on black folks and embrace anti-black white voters. That strategy worked for them through many elections. But it was a short sighted strategy. Its success may be coming to an end. Many young white Americans have concerns other than school busing, stopping affirmative action, fear of black males as perpetrators of crime. THose issues won elections for Republicans in the past. Things have changed....I hope.


Derrick, you have perhaps the best comment on the post.

What you said is the absolute reason why the GOP will never be relevant in the Black community, no how hard black GOP apologists try to convince the good the GOP can do for the black people.

They always say "Give them a chance!" NO! They have to reach out to us and show that they care about improving the black community.


sry. place "matter" b/w no and hard.


@GBM and GOP,

When will you and others like you realize that this is a BLOG! Not a News site or whatever you think it should be. Yes, you can find informative, helpful and insightful writing here, but Rod has NEVER (to my knowledge) pretended to be this or that. He is ROD and this is HIS blog, where he discusses the things that HE thinks are important! If you don't like it... THEN WHY ARE YOU HERE? Your posts are definitely "Zzzz" inducing, because you don't understand what this is, LOL! If you want writing that is catered to you, then I am sure you can find another Self Hating Black Gay Republican like yourself! Happy Hunting... GURL!!


Poor thing. Self hate is a serious issue in our community. He's just another example of it.


(if this is another post sorry, it seems that a comment didn't go through.)

Derrick is right on! What he said is the absolute reason why the GOP will never be relevant in the black community.

They will say "Give the GOP a chance." NO! They have to reach out and show that they want progress in the black community. Beyond the civil rights movement, I've never heard of the GOP trying to champion (for a lack of a better term) the problems in the black community. They just take time to vilify the black community to feel better about themselves.


Never say you haven't met a snow queen Ladies and Gentlemen GBM and GOP!!!

How about a big hand for her ya'll.......


Black + Gay + Republican =
A really confused negro.
Not saying that we all must be Dems. However, when the modern day GOP has clearly demonstrated that it does not support blacks or gays.

Former COGIC

"you chose to focus on the fact that mr. morgan is black, the washington post only identified him as gay. you researched this man and looked up his website and facebook"

You don't get it, do you? That's why so many of us LOVE ROD 2.0. Because he goes out of his way to find black LGBT/SGL stories and angles to stories that no one else does. From the black gay GOPer running for council, to "thug love" on the train, to our beautiful brothas overseas. And the blog is tighter than most of the white boy blogs okay!

Let me co-sign Isis. If you want news from a black gay GOP POV, you damn skippy won't find it here. And wtf are you doing running to a political party that is doing its best to demonize gays, rollback civil rights for blacks,and openly racebaiting and attacking our president? You have a helluva lot of explaining to do "brotha"... if you want other "brothas" and "sistahs" to take you seriously.


If researching a candidate shows that they are a quisling maybe it's your duty to make it known.

Thanks Rod.


Ok, two things: He's not his uncle and since when does everyone gay have to think and act alike. We sure love to bash and discriminate.

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