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26 August 2010


Black Pegasus

I Can't believe no one has come forward with more information!
Are they afraid for their own lives or what? Surely there must have been witnesses.


*crickets* What gives?

Former COGIC

Maybe it's just me, but this sounds like it was a setup. It doesn't sound random, sounds like some trade thought they would stick-up the club promoter on his way home carrying cash.

Oh and right Soniofabutch!
Boo at the lack of comments. Black gay men we need to stand together. You all have a million comments when its some cute boy or something porn or sex related. When we are being targeted, or are lives or rights are taken away, brothas can't speak up.

Anthony in Nashville

One of the main organizers of Atlanta Black Pride wasn't gay? Maybe that is one reason there aren't a lot of comments.

Former COGIC

@ Anthony:

I don't think that's the case at all. The information about Robinson being straight just came out in the last 24hrs. I say more power to him, if he is a straight ally, standing up for LGBT rights and operating a quality nightclub for black LGBTs.

Nope, I think it's another case of black gay men just not caring about their community. But if this were a Rihanna story or about porn, there would be 100 comments.

Kevin Perez

Or defending celebrities that despise anything that's LGBT. Yep, can't think of any other group that defends the people who oppress them as much as they claim society does. It's quite sad that not being outraged about the lack of concern from communities of color is becoming the norm.

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