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28 August 2010



I'm very hopeful that the center was fully insured. But even if it was, there are so many things they can't replace easily. And what a shame, those kids lost a safe space.


Here's looking to their rebuilding.
HIV prevention dollars are very hard to come by and their target population is very high at risk. Best of luck to them.


Very unfortunate news. Yeah, let's hope any insurance coverage they may have can get things back up & running. While I tend to love love love the architecture, ceilings heights, crown molding and hardwood flooring in most old buildings (and homes)... electrical wiring problems, boiler room problems, freight elevator problems, just to name a few, in structures this old is pretty commonplace. What would be absolutely awesome is if Detroit will be able to somehow build a newer, nicer, state of the art HIV Prevention center targeting young minority & disenfranchised gay youth. Am I smoking on a pipe dream?? I realize Detroit and Michigan at large is one of the hardest hit areas of the recession, but this can serve as a prime example of where American politicians should really be spending our dollars -- on infrastructure right here AT HOME!!!

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