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04 August 2010



great face sexy body great voice but

1. he is a bit short
2. didnt he go on the ladies only tour with Genuwine and Tyrese
3. 'Maybe I deserve' for me was Tank at his best!

Anywa...I love looking at his face


@Nathans -- i knw rite? I still rock with 'Maybe i deserve'. This new tune however is awful IMHO.

Tank, Genuwine, Joe are still my favorites, its a pity hardly anyone is checking for 'em no more.

Btw i hated that 'Ladies only tour'. Maybe i was jealous.Whatever.lol


oh, i forgot to mention Jaheim. oh wel...


@SouLKid- You know these kids don't recognize true talent these days. It is all about a gimmick, or catchphrase or some stupid dance.


his "BFF" Jamie Foxx? is that what we call it these days? hmmm.


Would love if he came out!!


Absolutely NO ass either. Prison body. Why does ALL of today's music sound the SAME (yawn)..


Pic reminds me of Grace Jones Nipple to the Bottle Album, cover


Jewels you are so right, 1982 or so wasn't it? Tank has previously only been remotely attractive to me, but now that you said that I'm kind of strangely turned on 'cuz I just LIVE for Miss Grace, (we met in 1980 in Lubbock Tx. of all places), and it's like you got me really LOOKING at Tank for the first time in this pic...
*singing aloud-"from the nipple to the bottle now the cow must die...*


WOW I can't believe the feedback on TANK. He is a gorgeous man and that alone is outstanding. Yes I luv his new single as well.


Tank has always been incredibly handsome to me and nothing wrong with his body either

the music is just OK for me. i think he's been better years ago, but the much can be said for most R&B these days


Confession: I buy Tank albums just to look at the cover and liner note photos...


I just saw his vid and I will say the best package is a hidden package.

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