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10 August 2010



"will Karen Clark Sheard's performance at the NOM rally hurt her standing among her many Black gay fans?"

Of course not! Hundreds of DMV church queens will probably show up to catch a free concert of Karen and Deitrick. As long as they live in a cute townhouse and go to the "right" church, they are living in glass closets and could care less about gay rights or equality.

Until they get arrested for sucking dick in the park that is, or fired for reading gay porn at their work computer.

Mystic Stranger

This is why I don't support gospel artists, ESPECIALLY black female ones. I can assure a homo picks out that tacky costume jewelry and ugly, synthetic tracks up in them nappy heads. FAIL. Why so many brothers sniff behind these tricks I'll never understand.

Mystic Stranger

And FQ is right ... DC is land of the self-hating church queen, so I'm sure they'll be out in full force.

Saved and Proud Of It!




True Words

Many (not all) Black Churches are the source of crap, lies and self-destruction.

Baltimore Femme

what FQ and Mystic Stranger said

DMV is the capitol of materialist, self hating semi closeted black gay church queens. and notice that they are all missing in action any time there is a hate crime here or anything to do with our rights or marriage.

but they through fabulous barbecues!


Wow... a lot of angry comments up in here. Well, according to the update at the bottom of the page it appears that NOM is no longer be advertised as apart of this event. Hmmmmm... I wonder what's up with that?

The Truth

@Saved and Proud
Whatever picture Rod chooses of Dietrick Haddon, the man is still going to look the same. The man is quite flamboyant and its very obvious. I googled him and all the pictures that came up read the same.

That is all.

Former COGIC

"a lot of angry comments up in here. according to the update at the bottom of the page it appears that NOM is no longer be advertised as apart of this event"

Aren't you angry about the way most black churches have demonized and attacked black gay men? And how many black gay men have serving in silence in these churches?

And NOM didn't pull out of the rally, honey. They aree no longer advertising Karen Clark but Miss Deidre Haddon is still singing for the all-white anti-gay group.

There must be LOTS of closet space in your studio apartment, hun. I gave up mine loooong ago when I left COGIC.

Mystic Stranger

LOL @ Baltimore Femme. That's funny. i mean I live in DC proper and love it for the most part ... but I can't handle a lot of these dudes here. That said, I'm just hoping this mess comes and goes and does not get a lot of undue coverage.


Is this the same Clark person "liked" by half the black gays on Facebook?
Sooooo.....what's to like? She don't like you.


"Their iconic 1980's hit "You Brought The Sunshine" was the first gospel single to became a mainstream crossover hit." Really??? What kind of black music history is this? The Edwin Hawkins Singers' Oh Happy Day came out in the late 60s. Rosetta Tharpe's Strange Things Happening Every Day came out in the 40s. Also consider Clara Ward's Surely God is Able, Staple Singers' I'll Take You There in 70s, etc. I know a lot of black gays go up for the Clark Sisters, but let's keep it in perspective. lol


FQ said it best. There are so many church queens who are used to sitting still IN and co-signing ONTO this messy thing that that crowd will be filled with self-hating homosexuals. Also there are so many in our community who actually THINK that they are choosing or making a bad "decision" in being gay and they hope that the more they sleep with the enemy/church, that maybe one day they will wake up redeemed and different. I try so hard to not have a contrite heart on this issue but so many who KNOW better keep running from DOING better and it's killing them, us and the church.


Former COGIC

@ Redd: I don't think Rod is a gospel stan or Clark Sisters stan at all. At all. He's rarely mentions gospel music and has never given me that impression. No offense, but referencing songs from the 40s, 60s and 70s ... That's too old and too academic to resonate with this audience.

The Clark Sisters had a huge hit in the early 1980s that changed the way gospel music was produced and marketed. It also was a huge hit with black gay men and at black gay clubs. Karen Clark Sheard has a very large black gay following. She's singing at an anti-gay rally. That's a much bigger story here than nitpicking how influential was one song.

As I mentioned earlier, this is sad but not surprising. I also would not be surprised if black gay men just ignore this and keep playing their Karen Clark Sheard albums.


i came to this particular comment page -- looking to read statements from the requisite hate-church apologists, and of course, i wasn't disappointed. the good news is that it seems to be a minority opinion -- at least i hope it is. i suppose the term Stockholm Syndrome applies to this particular pathology. but speaking for myself, i'm happy to be free. i'm NOT SAVED and VERY VERY PROUD OF IT.


@Former COGIC - to answer your question I am not angry at all. I've been through all those emotions, the venom, the angst and I've live to tell you that we pick our battles. I don't look at everyone who doesn't understand or support me accepting my sexuality as the enemy. It's all about how you treat me and treat others like me... And for the record I don't attend any church that demonize homosexuals or anything like that; I did at one point in my life but I now know better. I am a fan of gospel music - YESSSSSSS! And to date Karen has never publically spoke against homosexual in her music, sermonettes, etc. I don't think her dropping out is coincidental either. So let's not villify her until we know the whole story is all I am saying. As for Deitrick - whateva!


its sad that church folk know how hard it is for young black gay youth in this world but continue to act like you can make a choice to what your sexual preference is. The black church is all about DONT ASK DONT TELL. Black relationships on all fronts are suffering because we can not deal with our dirty laundry. Lets keep it REAL church folk. You know you see that lil boy or girl in church that is destined to be or already is gay. EVERYONE DESERVES LOVE!!!!!!

Black Pegasus

LMAO! These comments are a Hot Mess! and I Luv em all! All of my points have already been made by FQ and others..lol

Carry on....


@ former COGIC: Gospel music didn't begin with the Clark sisters. Your statement that Redd's info is too old is baffling, imo. History (of any genre) doesn't began when we choose or when we were born. Redd is well within his rights to point out the facts regarding black music history. Ignorance of history and facts has always been an achilles heel for the black community. We need to hear from more brothas like Redd who actually know what they're talking about.

Former COGIC

This gospel diva-bate over a several word description is petty and sadly typical of black gay men when it comes to very important things in our community.

Instead of focusing on the bigger more important issues--hate spewing pastors, closeted black gay men in the church, black gay men who support homophobic churches and gospel singers--folks want to go off on tangents on minor issues and nitpick over word choices. Because they don't want to talk about the major stuff.

VJ: I never said Redd's info was "too old." I said artists from the 40s, 60s and 70os were TOO OLD to be considered CONTEMPORARY. I stand by that. Maybe Rod implied "Sunshine" was more important than it is, but I repeat that Redd was nitpicking and petty when he accused Rod of being a Clark Sisters stan. He just slammed Karen, they've never been mentioned here before and Rod always takes to task black gay men who support homophobic preachers and gospel artists.

I understand where you're coming from, but when it comes to music, too many people on this blog expect every post to be an enclyclopedia on their favorite artists. It can't be. And as always, the important stories get ignored.


We all should be angry about this. But if NOM has pulled out about Karen Clark-Sheard then what type of an event this will be??? And of course ya'll know she's getting a coin just like Madame Elton going to Rush's wedding to sing NO DIFFERENCE.

But the real issue is this and no one is really taking notice. "A House divided cannot stand". Do you notice how Bishop Harry Jackson and NOM makes it a point to white Gays that Blacks don't approve of the lifestyle? Then we read Towleroad, Queerty, etc and the white kids throw such racial tempertantrums towards ALL BLACKS and then we respond back naturally in anger instead of STANDING TOGETHER to fight homophobia!

We as African Americans must fight HOMOPHOBIA in our community. But I'm sorry at this stage of the game if you're living behind a veil in fear that is because you CHOOSE TO! Get your life in tact and LIVE no one is stopping you! This is why we grow from BOYS TO MEN!

Every Black Christian is not HOMOPHOBIC and these churches stand on what they believe to be their SOUND DOCTRINE and what I have learned is this go somewhere where you feel that you're accepted and they accepts you for who you are. There are many ministries out there that do.

We have to change hearts and minds one at a time! If the white kids can't change the Catholic's and Evangelical's ya'll know damn well we won't be doing that with C.O.G.I.C no time soon. Move at decent pace.


Chris Cruz

Mr Chocolate:

NOM has not "pulled out" of this rally and concert. It's their concert. Rod pointed out that NOM's website now longer says Karen Clark Sheard will be there. Maybe she pulled out.

You make some good points. I think our African American gay community should spend more time "cleaning up our side of the street" (so to speak) than focusing on problems in larger mainstream (white) gay community and such.

However...black gay men have a right to criticize COGIC, Baptists, Catholics or whoever we please. Many of us were brought up in those churches, many of us have family still in them, and most of those churches have hurt us in more ways than one. But even bigger: The churches are using their influence and membership to fight us, take our rights away and tell their members to vote against. And most of the people who oppose LGBTs base it on the Bible or their church. So it's not simply "finding another church" (which I did) .... these churches are using fighting us no matter we belong to them or not.


@ Mr Chocolate:

Agree and disagree.

COGIC and the other churches are not standing "on what they believe to be their SOUND DOCTRINE." It's hypocritical. They pick and choose what commandments or scriptures they want to follow. Fornication, unwed pregnancies, cheating on your husband and wife is okay. Being gay is not. And they go out of their way to demonize gay black men and so does the larger black community. It starts with the church.

I left COGIC long ago after being closted. Many gay men are still there, in P.A.W. and Missionary Baptist Churches, waving the tamborine and singing in the choir. They're supporting and helping these churches push laws to deprive us of our rights.

But yes you are right, please go to a church or denmomination that accepts you for you! There are welcoming churches such as Unity as well as many denominations like UCC. Unfortunately too many of "us" would rather stay on the plantation though!

Marco Polo

"And to date Karen has never publically spoke against homosexual in her music, sermonettes, etc."

Marcel, I know you really want to believe that but it's just not true. I've heard her and her sister Twinkie with my own ears. Don't believe me? Here's one example.

Skip to about 6:30 to see what I'm talking about. That was just uncalled for. I wonder how many gays were in THAT choir alone. I'll never understand why it's completely acceptable in the church to resort to name calling from the pulpit ONLY against gays. You'd think they could at least be consistent with their hate.

Who knows, she may have changed her stance on this since then (the video is really old, Nov. 1983), but I doubt it. They become like rabid dogs over there in COGIC at the mention of homosexuality. It's like a feeding frenzy.

Former COGIC and Anderson, my background was also in COGIC. We should talk sometime you guys.


>>>"And to date Karen has never publically spoke against homosexual in her music, sermonettes, etc. So let's not villify her until we know the whole story is all I am saying"

If KCS is headlining an anti gay marriage rally hosted by NOM ... that is the whole story. Karen Clark Sheard, Deitrick Haddon and NOM are VILIFYING us. Except too many black gay men are too stupid to want to believe it.

Just because there are many gay men who sing in the choir or do their hair .... does not mean these gospel stars you worship accept gays as equals. Trust!

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