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31 August 2010



Facts are stubborn things. Ricky Perry: All hat and nooo cattle


Pay Ricky no mind....I don't! He talks a good game but old spends more money on hair coloring and perms. He lives in a lavious maniaon paid by the People of Texas because some white burned down his temporary housing. There are still no leads on who done it but had cameras and troopers on site. Let me stop because I cause a red flag!


Perry is a closet case. Seriously! My friend in Austin knows men with whom Perry has had sex. But Perry is shrewd -- he only screws around with guys who are as closeted as he is. Perry knows the guys won't expose him because they don't want to out themselves in the process.


Please, let Governor Perry lead Texas back out of the United States.


Chile, don't y'all pay Governor Good Hair no mind. I live in the Lone Star and, despite us not being able to get married, "the kids" still pull all the big strings here in Houston and up in Dallas-Fort Worth.


Not only that a gay bar is steps away from the Capitol and the Governor's mansion.

Honut Sinti

The ... crowd at Clem Mikeska's [yelled], Bar-B-Q! (Barbara Be Quiet!)

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